WordPress stat shows: people should get fired

I almost left a comment on a friend’s blog, which would have compromised my Commenting and Traffic experiment. So instead, I wandered off to check out what’s around WordPress, and stumbled across the posting and traffic stats of the entire WordPress community.


As you can see, the pulse of the blogging community follows closely with the calendar, especially before the winter break. The red lines indicate the end of peak activity, which lasts about 3 days every week.

Now, the question is: which days of the week do most people blog and visit blogs?

And the answer is: Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. (The red lines mark Thursdays).

I guess bloggers need to grab some beers on Fridays, sleep in on Saturdays, and grab more beers on Sundays. Oh, and everyone is too busy to blog during winter break. Gotta get those turkeys, you know.