Deleting or importing iPhone and/or iPad photos quickly on a Mac

There is a completely painless way to import and delete photos on your iPhone or iPad, if you use a Mac. Now, I have not tested this on all Macs, but I suspect most Macs would be able to do it.

1. Connect your iPhone or iPad to the Mac.

2. Launch the Image Capture tool by typing “Image Capture” in the Spotlight search bar (the magnifying glass found in the top right corner of the entire screen).


3. Import and delete as many or as few photos from your iDevice as you’d like!

Productivity hints:

Command + A is select-all, allowing you to select all of the photos and movies shown.

Pressing Command + mouse left-clicking allows you to select multiple items.

Shift + mouse left-clicking allows you to choose all photos within a range.

That should do it.


How to resize photos fast

If you’ve taken pictures with a high definition, chances are they are too big to do anything (upload to a blog, send to friends, etc).

I found a light-weight, Microsoft add-on tool that lets users quickly resize photos to their liking:

  1. Visit this MS webpage, and decide whether you like this program or not.
  2. Download ImageResizer.exe, or if you don’t trust me, download it from this MS webpage. You can find it by searching “Image Resizer” on the right hand panel.

Hm, there’s not much else for me to say, because MS has done all the explaining here.

Basically, you right click on your photo(s):

and click on “Resize Pictures”

and tada!

You can also click on “Advanced” if you want customize the size of your pictures, among other things.

How to download photos from Motorola Razr

I’ve taken pictures with my Razr since I got it, but without the ability to download them onto a computer, the most you can do with them is pretty much “set as wallpaper.”

So I looked and found: Motorola Phone Tools.

But O.M.G… this is probably the most frustrating software that I haven’t deleted. First you connect your phone to your computer, and it tells you that the device can’t be found. You find the driver, and go through a series of initializing steps, and when you finally thought you are ready to transfer files, the connection dies on you after you download your first 20 pictures.

Here’s how I finally got the pictures and video clips off the bloody thing:

  1. Get a copy of the Motorola Phone Tools (MPT). This blog does not encourage piracy.
  2. Download and install the phone driver from here.
  3. Install MPT.
  4. Run MPT.
    1. Select “USB” for your connection and click next.
    2. Connect your phone to your computer via a USB cable.
    3. You should now  see the MPT running.
    4. * If you can’t get it to work to this step, try the following tutorial:

  5. If it still doesn’t work, disconnect your phone, turn off your phone and turn it back on, and try again.
  6. Now let’s say you managed to see the File Transfer Studio. You think the most frustrating part is over? Nah, dream on.
  7. On the left panel, go to the destination folder (where you want to put your pictures on your computer). On the right panel, open the folder you want to download from the phone.
  8. DO NOT use the transfer icon. I don’t know what the hell is wrong with MPT or Razr, but using that transfer icon will result in “connection terminated by phone” after you transfer the first megabyte of data or so.
  9. Instead, select small chunks of files from the right and drag + drop them onto the left. Somehow that won’t piss off MPT and Razr as much.

And if you unfortunately get the “connection terminated” message, follow step 5. My theory: if you dig too much stuff out of Razr too fast, it will get angry and stop cooperating. The way to sooth it is to turn it off and on, then it will forget and be happy again.