Relay for Life – Heidi’s clip

千呼萬喚始出來, 表現我誠意的自毀形象短片終於出爐了! 這次的幸運聽眾是Heidi, 在RC認識的朱氏姊妹裡的妹妹。Heidi Chu, 人稱海底豬是也。

其實跟我們昨天去唱K的時候的情形相比, 她應該會發現我那天跑步的時候唱歌已經很小心了。一方面我唱這段的時候已經累了11個小時, 又是大家都在睡覺的早上6點。

去泛舟被Heidi撞進水裡的情形已經在之前有描述過了。六月跑Relay for Life的時候還認識Heidi沒多久,現在多了不少事情可以虧她,不過作人要保持善良的心,要多說好話。




Editing Relay for Life vids = omg…

My new friends would have missed a big event that took place this June: Relay for Life. But hey, it’s fine. There’s time to catch up.

Basically, I participated in this fundraiser for cancer research, and the way I raised money was by promising my sponsors that I would sing a song of their choice while running.

This is pretty much an image self-destruction project, and due to Shad’s complete time consumption, I have not been very good with updating these vids.

This post is to

  1. let me wonderful sponsors know that I am back on track with the video editing, and sooner or later, you will get to laugh at my singing, and
  2. give my other friends a chance to prepare themselves for some shocking images of me, and hopefully they still still talk to me after this.

Before you laugh at me, though, remember: this is for a good cause…

Prelude & intro

List of songs I’m singing

Event highlight

Relay for Life – Kaman’s clip

Kaman is very special because she’s the first friend I had when I immigrated to Canada in late grade 9. In fact, she’s the only friend whom I’m still in touch with in the first high school that I went to – Richmond High – even though I was there for only 3 months.

There was this one day, I was eating in the cafeteria by myself, and a guy went up and started singing. A big crowd of people gathered around him in the cafeteria – a clearly popular guy. Sitting outside the rim of people, I was probably the direct opposite of what he was. I thought: wow, he could really sing! And he wrote a wonderful song!

Until a few months later, I realized it was Hero by Enrique Iglesias. That was how fresh-off-the-boat I was.

And it’s very special to have a friend when I was that out of place. Thank you, K-man! 🙂

Relay for Life – 全身而退 (updated)

從7pm到7am的耐力/體能/聲帶訓練, 活著回來了。


然後想要先濃縮成一個5分鐘的短片, 結果發現我整個五音不全啊!完全不想把影片貼出來,咱們當作沒這回事好不好?





UPDATE: the abridged edition of my Relay for Life mission.