Grass Visor

I have had this idea for a while now. Unlike most previous items, this time I actually started with a design in mind. The idea was simple: since my hair looks like an abandoned lawn when I wear a visor, why not just make a practical joke on myself?

Enough talking. Meet the plain visor. 



Just some initial proof-of-concept:


Of course, it didn’t really prove anything, but I went ahead anyway cuz I didn’t expect it to prove anything in the first place.


About 1 hour later, I entered the I-think-I-messed-up zone that I usually go through by messing things up more:


But it looks really messed up this time; it’s more like some drunk kid trying to do graffiti than any sort of conceivable grass.


Another hour and lots more paint later:


I think it’s an acceptable rescue! I also incorporated my signature into the design for the first time:



And now I can happily wear this visor to make fun of my own messy hair:





Ninja and the demise of the sword maker

I can’t believe I did not include this video earlier, when I made the ultra awesome ninja sword last March for a mysterious ninja friend, who not-so-stylishly slashed around during our last SCI Team meeting.


Oh yes, this was made waaay back, when I was still living in Fairview and had my old laptop. 


The basic story: a friend on SCI Team is pathologically fond of anything Ninja. So I dared her: if I made her a ninja sword, she’ll dress up as a ninja at our last meeting. It was on April 1st, 2008.


So a ninja sword I made.


This thing took me about 2 hours. Why no decoration?

1) The only material I had was a discarded piece of cardboard I found in the unit, some tape, a stapler, and a knife. I didn’t even have scissors. 

2) It was April. I was in school. Add those up, and you will be amazed I had time to do anything other than studying.

So there you go! Thought I would include this for completion, so that the “crafts” section of this blog isn’t all about painting random things.


Road Trip Hat

It’s been a long time since the last update of this series. For the fans of my doodles, I hope you will enjoy this new installment. For everyone else, I invite you to waste a few minutes of your time anyway.

This hat was drawn last night when I decided to throw out my old tooth brush and thought to myself: “hey, this could be a cool addition to my painting tools.”


As usual, I had no idea what I was going to do, so I went ahead happily.


The toothbrush proved to be an interesting tool indeed. It can scratch, brush, and spray paint droplets everywhere (probably with some inhaled toxic aerosols)


So a while later, the hat looked like this.


This is when I knew what I was going to do with this hat.

Maybe you can figure out what I decided to do from the above picture?

Need a hint? I named this the “Road Trip Hat”.


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I wear Individualism on my head: the Rain Hat

It’s been a while since I finished this hat. In fact, I had to go back to the digital date on my picture to figure out when I made it: October 8th.

Originally, the hat has a milky white top and a denim brim. So I figured if I could put some blue and black color on it, it would go nicely with my jeans and stuff.


And I haven’t finger painted for an uncountable number of years.


I made a print on the other side. Now I’m just rubbing the extra paint on my hand off on the other side of the hat. Design in mind? No, I just didn’t want to waste the paint.

So now it looked like this.


For a moment there I thought I screwed up. What the hell is this? Someone photocopied his… face?

But like everything else I do, I know I just gotta keep going. I just might turn this back…


Why put rain drops? Somewhere between the above picture and the one below, I decided a rain hat felt right. You know, in preparation for Vancouver’s winter. Perfect for the rain, and you’ll be a crazy rebel in the sun. Sweet!




That’s the whole show!

This hat had raised mixed reactions. A girl in class asked me: “Did you make that hat?”

I was feeling pretty proud of myself before she said: “Yeah, it looks homemade.”

I guess you can’t buy individualism from a store.

Name-tag tie

This is my first painting at Gage, done on a tie.

Please note the ice-cream bucket that is my paint holder. And the bottle with its top chopped off that is my water holder.

Anyway, this time I worked on a silk tie that cost $2 CDN.

1 hour later:

Awwww yeah!

Practical use: High.

Scheduled debut: Club Days @ UBC RC booth.

This will make me so hyper during Club Days…… XDDD


憂鬱的盒子之後, 我又畫了一個黑暗的盒子。為什麼我三不五時就會來一陣肅殺之氣呢?難道我的內心深處隱藏著殺機?


  • 重黑色的蓋子!
  • 血手印!
  • 扭曲的鬼臉!
  • 有如被藤條抽打之後的背上的血痕的不明條紋!






天藍底白字的註解, 上面寫著: “我也不知道這樣一個盒子可以裝什麼…剪碎的ex照片?” XD

製作日期: Aug 28, 2008

跳痛指數: 高

最終歸屬: 還在我桌上, 不敢送人