“In your face”

LOL so this morning, when I was having cereals for breakfast, youtube recommended this video to me:

A few thoughts:

  1. LOL at “Green was my favorite color…”!!!!
  2. Dan… wow! Just… WOW!
  3. This was actually your PBL group wasn’t it? This must have been one of the most fun groups in the history of UBC med school.
  4. Now all eyes are on you for the DPAS skit 😉

Great news from BBC for humanity

Great tits cope well with warming


Image searching “great tits” on Google would return some really different results that would instantly tell you whether you turned off the filter or not. I dare you to try this at home.
As a healthy, moral young man, of course my search result is:


Imagine you are a researcher studying this bird. How woud you introduce yourself to a beautiful lady at a social occasion?

“So, what do you do?” beautiful lady asks.

“I’m a researcher,” you answer.

“Oh? What’s your research subject?” you’re lucky that beautiful lady is also a curious lady.

“Great tits.”



And then imagine you got pass this awkward moment with some miracle, and you have to meet her parents!

“My beautiful girl told me you’re a scientist,” Dad asks. “What do you study, son?”

“Great tits,” you say proudly.

“… Not just average tits, but great tits?” Dad is shocked.

“Yup, I only study great tits.”

“… let’s talk in my penthouse…”

Ok, that one might work pretty well. XDDD

World Wild Web: You Suck at Photoshop

Guys, check this out. This guy teaches you Photoshop and disses you like a piece of crap. I don’t know which he does better. He’s also got a story line going in his You Suck at Photoshop series, a broken marriage and whatnot. I don’t know how much of it is true, but at least it explains why there’s so much hate in his tutorials. LOL!!!