New blog just for med school interviewees

It’s getting close to that time of the year… and with the 2010 Olympics, UBC has its interviews 1 month earlier than last year. I remember I had my interview on March 1st, so I was fortunate enough to get a relatively undisturbed Christmas break.

Since reactivating this blog earlier this month, I’ve taken a renewed interest in it. I noticed that traffic to this blog has mainly been driven by new readers to med school related posts. While I love getting new visitors, I can’t help but think that perhaps I should manage these posts separately from the other stuff on this blog. Although there’s nothing too personal on this blog, some posts that are interesting to friends and family are probably just noise for people interested in med school applications.

So I’ve decided to migrate my med school application related stuff to a new blog:, where I will continue to update on this topic and post practice interview prompts that I come up with, among other things that I think will interest this particular audience.

For everyone else, there will probably be no discernible difference here for the time being so don’t worry yet 😛


Write a Caption contest – vote!

Hello good sirs and ladies. Here we are, at the exciting voting phase of the random Write a Caption contest. Kinda like the talent shows on TV like So you think you can dance but with 1,000,000 times fewer audience.


Anyway, thanks to input from Erica, Lynn, Amah, 小N, Charlie and Joanne, we were able to gather the following candidate captions (in no particular order):

  1. E: “哇!點套餐就會送Hello Kitty! 賺到了賺到了!!!ㄎㄎㄎ.” (Wow, a set meal comes with Hello Kitty! Yes!! Hehehe…)
  2. E: “唉呦~人家素顏, 不要拍我啦~” (Aiyo~ no make up, no picture)
  3. L: “不要打我! 不要打我! I’m too smart to die!” (Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me! I’m too smart to die!)
  4. L: “好人總是被毆!!!” (Why do the good guys always get hit!!)
  5. L: “不要這樣啦!! 我好害羞!!” (Please don’t!! I’m shy!)
  6. E: “嗯~炒麵太辣了, 我不敢吃啦” (Hm… fried noodles too spicy, I can’t do this!)
  8. E: “這不是肯德基!! 這不是肯德基!!” (This is not KFC!! This is not KFC!!)
  9. N: 什麼原來這不是抹茶冰淇淋而是wasabi嗎哦嗚啊啊啊啊啊! (嗆死淚目貌) (What!? This is not Macha but WASABI!!?? owaejifa;owiejfaig)
  10. N: 前面那一對好閃啊~ (*To the couple across the table* Dude, get a room!)
  11. N: 才吃一頓竟然也要 $3,000 CAD,這家好黑心 (哭哭)  (One dinner = $3000… *sobs*)
  12. A:阿你不是說不會開閃光燈,還給倫家打開 (Hey, you said you turned the flash off!)
  13. A: 這個罐頭好頑固,打不開打不開!!! (F-ing can… must… open…)
  14. L: 哇!! 這wasabi真嗆!!! 嗆到大腦啦!!! (This wasabi is this shit! Straight to the brain!!!)
  15. L: I finally conquered the WORLD!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! *playing Risk*
  16. J: “Oh great! You made me say ‘cheese’!”
  17. C: “Warning! Unexpected Flash May Cause Severe Seizure”
  18. A: “poor Billy is dealing with severe constipation”

Having a poll with 18 items is just crazy, so here’s a short list, created arbitrarily according to my amusement. Please give yourself a big pad on the back for every entry you submitted. You can also continue to create new captions, although they won’t be entered into the poll.

Winner will be announced next Monday 🙂

Happy voting!

I don’t think I’ve neglected my blog this long before

Hello everyone,

This is a(n):

  1. test to see if I can still log onto my WordPress account after 1+month of inactivity;
  2. confirmation that I am still alive;
  3. apology to those who checked this blog and found it becoming further and further out of date.

I could try to explain why, given the amount of free time I have every night after work, I failed to blog about such interesting things as:

  1. Kelowna road trip,
  2. Garibaldi hiking trips,
  3. My awesome kickass birthday presents,
  4. Losing my cell phone,
  5. Celebration of lights,
  6. Camping trip with Tina and David,
  7. Taking the CanadaLine on Day 1, etc…

But instead, I’ll just pretend I am not the laziest blogger who just let his life slip by without record, and bring your attention to a random “Write a Caption” game that got started on facebook. More specifically, on my current profile picture:


So far, the only submissions come from only two friends:

E: “哇!點套餐就會送Hello Kitty! 賺到了賺到了!!!ㄎㄎㄎ.” (Wow, a set meal comes with Hello Kitty! Yes!! Hehehe…)

E: “唉呦~人家素顏, 不要拍我啦~” (Aiyo~ no make up, no picture)

L: “不要打我! 不要打我! I’m too smart to die!” (Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me! I’m too smart to die!)

L: “好人總是被毆!!!” (Why do the good guys always get hit!!)

L: “不要這樣啦!! 我好害羞!!” (Please don’t!! I’m shy!)

E: “嗯~炒麵太辣了, 我不敢吃啦” (Hm… fried noodles too spicy, I can’t do this!)


E: “這不是肯德基!! 這不是肯德基!!” (This is not KFC!! This is not KFC!!)

Yeah they are two prolific friends. I hope more of you can join in though, otherwise a contest of 2 contestants is just a bit sad. We can have a short list and a web poll later, so that ppl can vote for the best caption.

So! Please contribute! 😀

A really pointless update that you shouldn’t read if you have better things to do such as studying for your final exams

1. I enjoy getting tanned while studying – – and I didn’t have to leave my desk. I just have to take off my shirt, put on my sunglasses, and enjoy the 17th floor sunshine. 


(I don’t think a topless picture of my is appropriate here, although I’ve already shown some in a previous post…)


2. I really look forward to finishing my exams in a couple of days. This is going to be by far my shortest exam period, lasting 3 days in total. I will finish all of my exams before my brother even starts. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO TO MY ROOMMATES??!!

3. The traffic to my blog looks like a patient in ventricular fibrillation recently:


I have some hypotheses for this erratic visitor pattern: 

a) a mysterious visitor decides to visit my blog and read 60 posts every other day

b) the probability of some pre-meds looking up “med school mmi” and finding my site is about 50% per day, so on average, I get one happy pre-med on my blog every 2 days

c) I really want to make a 3rd point but I can’t. 

4. The total view count to my blog is 48,301 as I type. At a rate of 140 new views a day, we will reach 50,000 in less than 2 weeks. As I did before, I put up the view counter for all to count down with me! 

5. Ohhhhh get ready for a huge revamp when ZeroRatio goes SUMMER!!!

Introducing: Picture Stories For Strangers and Friends!!

Through her own words, “EricaJen is a mysterious author who wishes to bring joy to all who are no longer kids, but still like their stories with pictures.”

And she delivers just that!

Introducing an all-new, one of a kind blog that defies any conventional wisdom, including “you shouldn’t make your username and url too long to fit into the text box”:

Picture Stories For Strangers and Friends!!

Featuring such simple, unique, and childishly drawn characters as

The out-of-shape Ariel C.croppercapture54,

The go-getter Dolly H.croppercapture55,

The confused Liliancroppercapture56,

And of course, the awesome eye-browed chickens croppercapture57.

So far, the mysterious EricaJen who mysteriously spells out both her first and last name has blessed this world with 3 of her original picture stories on the first night (after a long and bloody battle with WordPress which ended with calling me for backup and giving me the password to her account: “billystinks”). They are:

, an epic tale of chicken friendship, unlicensed practice of medicine, and complete unthankfulness of the human who lends a hand after the wound is healed.

, a touching and thought-provoking story of a girl who reaches the confusing and conflicting transitional stage that every girl has to face: the struggle between obedience to her mother and the suggestion of a racoon who speaks English.

And finally,

, a knowledge seeking quest like no other, which points out the importance of friendship, perseverance, physical fitness, and keeping physiologically impossible dwarfs in the president’s office.

The world needs more from the mysterious author by the pseudonym EricaJen, and the cleansing enlightenment spilling from her pen, pencil, color crayon, erasor to erase the pencil, and scanner that never cooperates. Keep an eye on

Picture Stories For Strangers and Friends!!

for more joyous time-wasting musings.

(P.S. anyone else wants me to write an ad for their blog? :P)

Interesting site: Viral Video Chart

I check my blog stats quite regularly, to see what’s going on with my posts, who’s linking to my blog, etc. Yesterday someone wandered to my blog from an interesting site called “Viral Video Chart“, so I paid a reciprical visit.


This website maps out how “viral” a popular internet video is by the number of blog posts that link to it. By the time Jizz In My Pants came to my attention, it was well past its viral peak.

I’m trying to think of how this website may be useful:

  1. It can measure the success of your supposedly “viral marketing” strategy
  2. It can point out other viral videos that viewers may be interested to see. (And I sure did, and saw: Hamster On A Piano

What my readers want

I have more than once pondered about what my blog’s focus should be. Well, tonight let’s switch focus to the readers and see what they want this blog’s focus to be about.

In the past month, I had been way too busy to spend much time on my blog. As everyone knows, when a blog’s update rate drops, its readership will follow. Posting only 8 posts in September, compared to an average of 20 posts in previous months, the stat dropped as expected:

Figure 1. ZeroRatio page views (view count vs. Date). Data collected from 9/05 to 10/03. Step size = 1day.

The rate of decline was roughly -4 visits/day. (Point A)

This trend is even more obvious in the weekly trend:

Figure 2. ZeroRatio page views (view count vs. Week# of 2008). Step size = 1week.

Do you see an exponential decay from 9/8 to 9/29? Cuz I do.

But don’t despair. Take a look at Figure 1 again, this time notice Point B. Something happened on October 2nd that set my readers abuzz and set a record high for the month.

If I figure out what happened on this day, perhaps I can figure out what my readers want and make my blog more popular by addressing their wishes.

Well, turned out my readers are a bunch of gossipers who got all excited by this post:

In fact, some of them got so excited that they spilled over and read my other posts which were more tainted with an air of emo-ness. XD

In 2nd fact, the recent comment on my productive post from my long-time loyal reader summed up the point I’m trying to get across nicely:

Orz =33333

I guess the blog has defined itself to be one of those high schooler’s emo babble to each other XD

And the funniest thing is: when I go back to read my old posts, I also go for the juicy emo stuff XDDD