Why I am writing again

Blogging has been a pretty big part of my life for a long time, up until some 3-4 years ago. Then for some reason, the blogging me really slowed down. Perhaps it’s because I got into medical school. Not because I become too busy (I did manage to get into Starcraft II and throw tons of hours into the epic interspecies galaxial war), but I think I couldn’t figure out how to fit blogging into my new identity as a doctor-to-be.

You see, I have more than once wrote something that genuinely pissed people off. Not that I was being mean or vulgar; some topics that I was passionate about were just too controversial to not cause a debate. But somehow being a doctor-to-be has caused me to really think twice before posting my opinion on debated topics such as religion, politics, abortion, etc. I guess I felt that since I am training to become a professional, I need to learn to be impartial and unbiased. Or maybe since I will become a searchable figure in a few years after I start practicing, I shouldn’t risk writing things that may alienate significant fraction of my potential patients.

And for the same reason of becoming a searchable name, I expect that it would be very challenging to separate my private life from my public one, so I hesitate to pour my day to day thoughts and feelings onto the pages for the world to see.

But every once and again, I miss the feeling of thinking out loud and hearing my thoughts become sound, watching my voice become words, and knowing my ideas will reach dozens or hundreds of pairs of eyes.

I am getting close to the next phase of my journey: residency. The application process is arguably less daunting than applying to med school, with fewer headaches (no MCAT) and a much better chance for success (overwhelming majority ((like 95% or something))get into a residency program). But more is on the line as well; at this stage of the game, many med students are married or in a serious relationship, and it would be very difficult to go out of province for 2 to 5 years of residency training.

So like how I used this blog to prepare for MCAT and med school interviews, I am going to use it to prepare for residency applications. I’ve been told by many upper year students that one way to prepare is to reflect on my experiences during med school that interviewers are bound to ask. Like dealing with difficult situations, breaking bad news, handling conflicts with colleagues, etc. I was really good at that for my application to med school 3 years ago because I’ve been blogging and reflecting day in day out for years. Now I think it’s time to pick that up again.

So, I will borrow what I said 3 years ago: here comes another page in zeroratio history!


3 thoughts on “Why I am writing again

  1. I’m so glad you’re back! This post reflects my similar concerns about blogging as a future doctor. I still haven’t quite found the proper balance yet, and I go from being inspired or even compelled to write, back to being uncomfortable with it or not knowing what to say. In any case, I’ve been following you on a Google Reader for a while and I’m glad you’re back! =)

  2. Likewise, June. Your Pro Psychotic blog is always insightful and fun to read. Here’s to another stretch of productivity on my blog! 🙂

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