A week in Invermere

First week at Invermere went very well. Awesome weather, great suite, lots of medicine to learn.

Here’s a quick photo diary of my stay here. Firstly, I am living on the 2nd floor suite over the garage of this lovely house:

With this lovely view:

This is me on the way to first day’s work:

And my greeters to and from work:

It takes 20 minutes to walk to the hospital, but the walk through town was pretty nice.

On the way there was this skateboard park, which I thought would be where a lot of the cases in the ER come from.

Lots of these critters here, and I thought I can only see them in Taiwan.

The hospital where I have ER shifts:

The only Chinese food place in town. I went there for lunch once, and it was actually not bad. A good break from burgers and fries anyway. But I thought “oriental” has a derogatory connotation?

The street that makes up downtown. There are no streetlight anywhere in town.

First dinner at Angus McToggle’s:

The food here is actually not cheap, and with BC taxes, it’s about the same as in Vancouver. Even the gas is 130+ cents/litre.

This is the traffic jam in town:

A pebble beach on Lake Windermere. Lots of visitors on the weekend, a family environment.

On the weekend, I met up with Scotty and his fiance Dianne from Northern Medical Program, grabbed a beer from Ray Ray’s pub, and then hit the local theater: “Toby Theater” for X men: first class. Very very retro, and the decor inside had me wondering how old the place was.

Yes, there are planes and a disco ball hanging from the ceiling.

And this was the best: a double chair for couples to cuddle. I thought it was for oversized patrons at first…

Ticket was $8, not so cheap considering the theater has no surround sound and the seats are hard and had wooden backs. What’s more, right in the middle of the movie, the scene cut out by a big “INTERMISSION.” As the three of us were stunned by amazement, experienced locals jumped up and rushed to the washroom.

On Saturday I biked (oh yeah, my friendly landlords lent me their bike so I get to speed up my travel by 5 times) to the beach again,

and had the famous Scotty burger at Pynelogs Cafe. The patty was at least 4cm thick, AAA beef stuffed with cheese, mushrooms, bacon, and things:

To wrap things up, a few more pictures around town:

(by the way, I went into this shop and it had a very bad smell. So I ran out ASAP)

So far, I gotta say that I enjoy the rural lifestyle quite a bit. But I can see how I would become fatigued in another couple of weeks. I mean, I spent 4 hours and saw the whole town… it’s hard to imagine living here for the whole year.

The idea of practicing in an urban center and doing rural locum seems very attractive at this point.


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