Rural before rural (day 2): Icefield Parkway

*Answer to previous day’s question: you need to look away from the sun to see a rainbow. Here is an explanation.

The stretch of highway between Jasper and Lake Louis is called the Icefield Parkway. It’s the most beautiful stretch of highway I have been to (Californian coastline comes in second).

We left our campground after a hearty breakfast.

First stop was Edith Cavell, named after a British nurse who has never seen this mountain.

Then we went to Athabaska Falls. Here is 米熊 enjoying the view:

Lots of tourists here, but the power of the waterfall was worth fighting through the crowds.

And then we went to Sunwapta Falls for lunch: hot congee tastes best on a camping trip.

The view on the road constantly changes, with every turn another mountain or lake might pop out.

You can’t take enough pictures (and when I was little, I did think about making a time-lapse video of the Icefield Parkway — in both directions), so you can only keep your eyes open the whole time.

Which is what 米熊 did.

We went to Columbia Icefield, and hiked up to Athabaska glacier. Along the way, there were signs of where the glacier used to be 10, 20, 30 years ago. A bit worrying to see the glacier retreat like male pattern baldness.

This is 米熊 being gangster and sitting on the do-not-cross line.

The next hike at Parker’s Ridge was longer, but 100% worth it (my dad gave this hike his highest praise: if you haven’t been to Parker’s Ridge, you haven’t been to Banff).

We then finally got to Lake Louis campsite, concluding a full day of little hikes.

(to be continued…)


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