Rural before rural (day 1): Jasper

For med school at UBC, there is a required course called Rural Family Medicine, in which every student is sent to a rural community in BC to work with a family doc for a month in the summer between second and third year. My rural month is August, the last rotation, so I have been hearing lots of awesome stories from my classmates who have finished their rotations and seeing lots of fun pictures on Facebook (none of which are inappropriate, of course).

My rotation starts next week in Invermere, just south of Radium, the southern tip of Kooteney National Park. Because I love the Canadian Rockies like no place else on earth, I decided to come a week early to go hiking and camping. To make the trip even more awesome, Johnny, a good friend whose rotation is in Revelstoke, joined my family on this pre-rural trip.

We left early on Monday, with a pretty miserable weather forecast, but we were pleasantly surprised by some sunny breaks.

The drive was very smooth, and we got to Mt. Robson (the tallest mountain in the Canadian Rockies at 3,954m) early in the afternoon.

We were also joined by a special guest by the name of 米熊 (pronounced mi-ssion). This is her posing in front of Mt. Robson.

And she likes camping at Wapiti campground in Jasper.

After a quick meal that involved Johnny being shocked by my mom’s grilled ribeye steaks, we headed out to Fairmont Jasper Lodge and Lac Beauvert. But being in the Rockies, of course the drive there was spectacular already.

The Lodge features a golf course right next to Lac Beauvert (I used my superb French 101 knowledge to explain that it meant “beautiful green lake”)

Here is Johnny with his shotgun

Here is my dad with his shotgun

Both of their cameras are many times better than mine, so these blog entries would be updated once I get pictures from them by the end of August.

We walked around the lake, sometimes traversing through golfers’ trails, and we ran into a pair of guys on golf carts who invited my dad to take a swing. It was like the Christmas day present my dad never got.

Along the way, we kept wondering where the rainbow was, given that it was both sunny and rainy. I also posed the question: which way should you look for a rainbow, towards the sun, or away from it? That’s the hazard of traveling with me… I pose random science and math questions.

The sun was casting some amazing shades as we walked through the woods.

Before we headed out, there it was! The awaited rainbow 🙂

We stopped by the town of Jasper and I captured this, the current background image of my iPad:

And what’s Jasper without some wildlife sighting?

We returned to the campground, tired from the day’s travel but very excited for what lied ahead.

(to be continued…)

Location:Jasper National Park



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