What can I do with all these CDs?

Continuing with the theme of cleaning, I want to talk about one of the many headaches that I believe many of you share, or will share when the same problem inevitably arrives: what do I do with all these dam CDs?!

In the foreground, you can see a slanted pile of what looks like a piece of well-formed poop. This CD poop is the result of years of accumulation of hardware drivers, burned movies that were only played once, outdated music CDs that will make anyone cringe if played ever again… I believe that this CD poop will be even more impressive had not been for the invention of iPods, affordable USB sticks, external harddrives, and wireless home networks.

What should I do with these shiny, pretty pieces of garbage? My mom was about to throw them out, but I saved them from the garbage bag and started to google “used CD diy“.

But this is not even a problem compared to what’s in the background: approx. 200 blank CD-Rs waiting to be used… but for WHAT?

I’m not gonna sit here for 5 minutes to burn 10 songs to the CD and play on my CD-R playback systems; I have iPod and speakers. I’m not gonna burn one movie to one CD and watch it once; I can hook the TV to my computer. I’m for sure not going to backup my files using these CDs… just imagine organizing 600 CDs and trying to find anything in this mountain.

So now I have two buckets of perfectly fine, shiny CDs that I just can’t think of a use for. I don’t want to waste my time and energy trying to sell them on Craigslist (I don’t sell anything below $10 because it’s just not worth my trouble, and blank CDs are worth… wait what? People are actually selling them for tens of dollars?

Well ok. I think I just found out what to do with these outdated tech toys 🙂

But seriously… what are people still doing with these?


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