Who’s still reading this!?

Honestly, I haven’t even logged onto WordPress in so long that I was positively surprised to see how much of its UI has changed. What surprised me more was when I checked my blog stats, it said this blog accumulated 130,000+ views.


It went over the six figure mark without me even realizing?

And, even more ironically, the number of visits grew more and more as I blogged less and less.

I’m quite sure that these visits are from new traffic who stumbled upon this blog for which ever topic they happened to be looking for, instead of friends who used to follow this blog or subscribe to its RSS feed. And if this is true, then I’m also quite sure that these new visitors are mostly one-timers who will not see this entry anyway.

So this post is to my old readers who don’t read me anymore, and to my new readers who won’t read me again: hello, I’m still alive. And as long as WordPress.com stays in business and wants to keep their blog count high, they won’t delete my account, so I will stick around too.


4 thoughts on “Who’s still reading this!?

  1. Hands up over here, I am still reading it!
    Aha, this is the first time I leave comment. 🙂
    Keep blogging!

  2. Howdy! I’m pleasantly surprised 🙂 Stick around, I think I will update the blog a little more, at least for a while.

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