A much needed jog

As a guy with average athletic ability in his class who can only listen in awe when his superhuman classmates talk about running a marathon untrained or biking across the country in a month, I can probably speak to the rest of us who is quite content with finishing the 10k Sun Run.

I woke up quite lazily today to a grey morning, and I had breakfast leisurely, hot cereal with Pulmonary Quiz 2. Then I went back to bed for about 30 minutes to alleviate my pain of scoring 65% despite feeling good about the material. When I woke up for the 2nd time, the sun was out. I remember putting “jogging?” with a question mark on my calendar out of guilt of not doing any meaningful exercise for a week and going out to all-you-can-eat dinners too many times.

But the inertia was strong. I did not overcome my laziness until I went on facebook and saw a picture of a friend flexing his biceps throwing a frisbee. “That’s it!” I remember thinking. Then the question of whether to jog became where to jog to.

I went along my favorite route at UBC: down Westbrook onto NW Marine, then to Spanish Banks. The sun was out. The wind was cool but refreshing. And I instantly felt better about myself as a decent human-being.

When I reached the beach, I relaxed and looked around at the waving forest and small breaking waves. There were people wind surfing, a man with his old dog playing in the water. Blue sky, white clouds. I took a deep breath, satisfied. Spirituality doesn’t have to happen in a church or a temple.

This hour spent jogging probably does more good for me than another hour of studying, not only physically and mentally, but probably academically as well. I can probably study more efficiently or at least more happily. Besides, when that pain in the lower right thorax came back as I was jogging, I wondered: “tall slim male… spontaneous pneumothorax? Was it related to bronchiectasis?” Study, check.