Ok, so now half the class knows me by Billy Bear…

So I think an explanation is owed. Or two, one for how I got this nickname, and one for how this nickname became public…

Let’s begin at the beginning. Last Valentine’s, I decided to give a present to this girl that I liked and tell her how I felt about her. I wanted to give her something really special, even almost as special like she was. So I took a piece of blanket:

cut little pieces:

sewed up the little pieces:

and about 8-10 hours later, tada!

This was a very huge project for me, having never worked with needles and sewing before (I had to borrow a sewing kit from a friend), which finished about 3am in the morning of Valentine’s Day. The V-day falling on a Saturday meant that I spent about every week night on this.

Needless to say, I didn’t think midterms and the med school interview had priority over this bear.

And this little bear made a spectacular touch down! (Yay! Apparently dexterity and patience is sexy!)

Soon after we started going out, Tina decided to give the bear a name.

“Little Bear,” I was so creative.

And Tina decided to call me that. I was so not careful with naming the bear.

Now, the 2nd explanation.

Fast forward to another Valentine’s Day. I’m now in med school, singing with an acappella group by the name of The Auscultations. We had a quick Valentine’s Day performance for the class.

Tina came to see the performance despite having a midterm 2 hours later, so I was pretty excited. The singing went pretty well, and the class seemed to have liked it. Of course we were all a bit nervous and fluttered, first time performing without the guidance of senior members of the group.

So when we finished, we exited the stage a bit short of breath.

At this point, I have to backtrack and talk about some poor undergrads. I thought they were gonna make some announcement to the med class, and being already postponed, I bluntly told them to wait until we finish singing. Poor kids didn’t know how to react and I didn’t have time to explain as we were already sound checking.

So after we finished singing, my adrenaline still pumping, I totally forgot their existence. Even as they said “we have an announcement [something something] we are the Red Cross [something something more]” it was just meaningless noise in the background that I tuned out.

“… for Billy Bear.”

I took another step before the words registered. I froze.

I didn’t catch the audience reaction as I turned around and saw the poor undergrads holding a card and a huge badass red rose. I went down to grab them.

100 pairs of med student eyes on me. My eyes on Tina’s.

I think there might have been clapping or awww’s or something, but I really can’t remember. She totally got me. She got me better than she had planned; she didn’t know the flower would have been delivered right after I finish singing, with the audience’s full attention.

So I gave her a kiss.

And she gave me one heck of a Valentine’s Day to remember.

(And my colleagues too, who said they would refer their patients to me as Dr. Billy Bear. I guess I can be a good pediatrician.)