Long distance relationship is like driving at night

If a relationship is like driving, then a long-distance one would be like driving at night.

It’s not necessarily lethal, but it is certainly more dangerous than driving in the light.

You can’t see as far in front of you, and many dangers lure out of your sight.

You are more uncertain, and with that comes much unforeseen plight.

With effort and with a strong, steady might, you will most likely survive,

but if at all possible, you should plan to travel at a safer time.

If you must travel at night, keeping the trip short is my advise.

Longer the dark ride, lower your chances dive. 

But in the end, a night traveller must accept the risk, and make it your best drive.

For it is foolish to live in fright when the risk, while increased, is still slight,

especially if you can keep your eye on the destination, and keep your love in the center of your mind.


“In your face”

LOL so this morning, when I was having cereals for breakfast, youtube recommended this video to me:

A few thoughts:

  1. LOL at “Green was my favorite color…”!!!!
  2. Dan… wow! Just… WOW!
  3. This was actually your PBL group wasn’t it? This must have been one of the most fun groups in the history of UBC med school.
  4. Now all eyes are on you for the DPAS skit 😉