Ten things I’ve learned in Month One of med school

  1. You get less and less afraid of the cadaver when you learn to name more structures, but you get more and more scared of the anatomy exam.
  2. You reach a point when you say to yourself: “Ok, that’s enough med school events for me.” and then it  becomes very hard to get you out of your bedroom.
  3. Self-identity becomes less important than self-identifying as med students by wearing the same red backpacks as 200 other people.
  4. Study groups actually work when you can easily find half a dozen people as keen as you are.
  5. I can sing acappella. Or they haven’t found out I couldn’t yet.
  6. You can get away with asking the patients anything, as long as you are serious and write their answers on your clipboard.
  7. Everyone thinks doctors have horrible handwriting. Some actually think there’s a class in med school for horrible handwriting that everyone has to pass.
  8. I will ace that class.
  9. The real reason that med students are so busy is because they have 50+ pseudo-spam emails to read everyday.
  10. 150 keenest nerds of the year + reaching goals of med school + island weekend retreat = AWKWARD MONDAY!

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