So, what was I really ‘laffing at’?

After dozens of creative (and sometimes borderline appropriate) submissions and a staggering 8… votes, the winner of the first random Write a Caption contest is:


“什麼原來這不是抹茶冰淇淋而是wasabi嗎哦嗚啊啊啊啊啊! (嗆死淚目貌)”

(What!? This is not Macha but WASABI!!?? owaejifa;owiejfaig)

By our one and only 小N~~~~ XD

Please come to the backstage to pick up your prize.

The real story behind this random picture is really not very exciting, much less so than any of the submissions. But heck, I think you all deserve to know it.

****** sitting comfortably ready for a story *******

I went to study with Tina in the library after work.


and then we headed out for dinner at Lok’s restaurant in Kerrisdale. Tina must have thought the occasion was very exciting because she whipped out her camera:


I was cold first but the corn soup warmed me up, so I took off my sweater:


I thought it was impolite to not take pictures of people who takes pictures of me.


I also took one of Tina with flash on and I asked her to make a “I’m so full” expression, and it turned out to be the most hallirious picture of her that none of you is allowed to see. I laughed so loud I probably confused some of the waitresses.

So Tina said: “Well, if I take a picture of you with flash on, you will look funny too!”

********* end of story *********



2 thoughts on “So, what was I really ‘laffing at’?

  1. omgomgomg!!!
    媽媽! 我紅了! 我上電視了!! 我出運啦!! 媽媽!!! (夠了你)

    hahaha and aww that’s such a cute story behind XDD
    I miss 根記~!! haven’t been there for a long time even though it’s literally 40 seconds from my house hahaa

  2. Tina must have thought the occasion was very exciting because she whipped out her camera

    that made me laff really hard. awww~ u two are so cute!

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