Write a Caption contest – vote!

Hello good sirs and ladies. Here we are, at the exciting voting phase of the random Write a Caption contest. Kinda like the talent shows on TV like So you think you can dance but with 1,000,000 times fewer audience.


Anyway, thanks to input from Erica, Lynn, Amah, 小N, Charlie and Joanne, we were able to gather the following candidate captions (in no particular order):

  1. E: “哇!點套餐就會送Hello Kitty! 賺到了賺到了!!!ㄎㄎㄎ.” (Wow, a set meal comes with Hello Kitty! Yes!! Hehehe…)
  2. E: “唉呦~人家素顏, 不要拍我啦~” (Aiyo~ no make up, no picture)
  3. L: “不要打我! 不要打我! I’m too smart to die!” (Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me! I’m too smart to die!)
  4. L: “好人總是被毆!!!” (Why do the good guys always get hit!!)
  5. L: “不要這樣啦!! 我好害羞!!” (Please don’t!! I’m shy!)
  6. E: “嗯~炒麵太辣了, 我不敢吃啦” (Hm… fried noodles too spicy, I can’t do this!)
  8. E: “這不是肯德基!! 這不是肯德基!!” (This is not KFC!! This is not KFC!!)
  9. N: 什麼原來這不是抹茶冰淇淋而是wasabi嗎哦嗚啊啊啊啊啊! (嗆死淚目貌) (What!? This is not Macha but WASABI!!?? owaejifa;owiejfaig)
  10. N: 前面那一對好閃啊~ (*To the couple across the table* Dude, get a room!)
  11. N: 才吃一頓竟然也要 $3,000 CAD,這家好黑心 (哭哭)  (One dinner = $3000… *sobs*)
  12. A:阿你不是說不會開閃光燈,還給倫家打開 (Hey, you said you turned the flash off!)
  13. A: 這個罐頭好頑固,打不開打不開!!! (F-ing can… must… open…)
  14. L: 哇!! 這wasabi真嗆!!! 嗆到大腦啦!!! (This wasabi is this shit! Straight to the brain!!!)
  15. L: I finally conquered the WORLD!!!!!!!!! YESSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!! *playing Risk*
  16. J: “Oh great! You made me say ‘cheese’!”
  17. C: “Warning! Unexpected Flash May Cause Severe Seizure”
  18. A: “poor Billy is dealing with severe constipation”

Having a poll with 18 items is just crazy, so here’s a short list, created arbitrarily according to my amusement. Please give yourself a big pad on the back for every entry you submitted. You can also continue to create new captions, although they won’t be entered into the poll.

Winner will be announced next Monday 🙂

Happy voting!


2 thoughts on “Write a Caption contest – vote!

  1. lol how many times do you want to vote?

    I think there’s a restriction based on cookie, meaning you probably need to close your browser before you can revote. Try it.

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