I don’t think I’ve neglected my blog this long before

Hello everyone,

This is a(n):

  1. test to see if I can still log onto my WordPress account after 1+month of inactivity;
  2. confirmation that I am still alive;
  3. apology to those who checked this blog and found it becoming further and further out of date.

I could try to explain why, given the amount of free time I have every night after work, I failed to blog about such interesting things as:

  1. Kelowna road trip,
  2. Garibaldi hiking trips,
  3. My awesome kickass birthday presents,
  4. Losing my cell phone,
  5. Celebration of lights,
  6. Camping trip with Tina and David,
  7. Taking the CanadaLine on Day 1, etc…

But instead, I’ll just pretend I am not the laziest blogger who just let his life slip by without record, and bring your attention to a random “Write a Caption” game that got started on facebook. More specifically, on my current profile picture:


So far, the only submissions come from only two friends:

E: “哇!點套餐就會送Hello Kitty! 賺到了賺到了!!!ㄎㄎㄎ.” (Wow, a set meal comes with Hello Kitty! Yes!! Hehehe…)

E: “唉呦~人家素顏, 不要拍我啦~” (Aiyo~ no make up, no picture)

L: “不要打我! 不要打我! I’m too smart to die!” (Don’t hit me! Don’t hit me! I’m too smart to die!)

L: “好人總是被毆!!!” (Why do the good guys always get hit!!)

L: “不要這樣啦!! 我好害羞!!” (Please don’t!! I’m shy!)

E: “嗯~炒麵太辣了, 我不敢吃啦” (Hm… fried noodles too spicy, I can’t do this!)


E: “這不是肯德基!! 這不是肯德基!!” (This is not KFC!! This is not KFC!!)

Yeah they are two prolific friends. I hope more of you can join in though, otherwise a contest of 2 contestants is just a bit sad. We can have a short list and a web poll later, so that ppl can vote for the best caption.

So! Please contribute! 😀


8 thoughts on “I don’t think I’ve neglected my blog this long before

  1. LOL welcome back to 人間, Billy! 😛

    Hahaha I’d like to contribute one too:

    N: 什麼原來這不是抹茶冰淇淋而是wasabi嗎哦嗚啊啊啊啊啊! (嗆死淚目貌)

    N: 前面那一對好閃啊~ (雖然我覺得你應該比較像是閃人的那個..XD)

    N: 才吃一頓竟然也要 $3,000 CAD,這家好黑心 (哭哭)

    wahaha XD

  2. lol~~~ 小N & Amah, I can always count on you to read my updates eh? 🙂
    (although I suspect google reader having a part in this… :P)
    And of course Erica這個原PO很快地也回來了~~~ 大家真是不棄不離的好讀者啊 QQ~~~

    哈哈… 如果今天有人說在Cabin5555看到很閃的一對, 我先自首 XD

    看來我那表情可以被解讀為: 暗爽, 矯情, 害怕, 害羞, 啜泣… this is pretty fun!

    Let me close the submission in a few days and we can vote on a winner.

  3. L: 哇!! 這wasabi真嗆!!! 嗆到大腦啦!!!

    haha yes, I was wondering where you went! It’s been a while since you blogged!!! WELCOME BACK!!!!!

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