Went to see Up with Tina in 3D last weekend, and, oh man, it did not disappoint. Once again, IMDb has been right; this exuberating film deserves every decimal point of the staggering 8.9 rating.

A few simple nodes and cartoon scenes were touching enough they almost made me cry, and the jokes were so dramatic and cute the whole theater was uproaring in unison. What’s more, when the film finished, the whole audience was clapping their hands in applause. I stayed till the end of the credits, which I’ve never done before.

It was simply a great adventure. Highly recommended for everyone.


6 thoughts on “Up

  1. 真的超好看的ㄏㄡ?!?!?!?!!?!?!!
    u gotta love old ppl after..



  2. Hi there, just wondering what physics courses you took at UBC that helped you with the MCAT

  3. Hi Jeff, I only took the first year physics courses in the Science One program. I’m sure any other 1st year physics would be equally helpful with the MCAT. The physics portion mostly covers classical physics, which is mainly high school level anyway.

  4. looks like it’s time for me to check this movie out… the trailor seemed pretty good but i haven’t gotten around to see it yet

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