On the Twilight Saga: some questions

Just finished with the Twilight Saga. I’m really impressed with Stephanie Meyer’s ability to construct a magical but convincingly logical world. It’s not easy to include so much magic and still avoid major plotholes (I can’t say the same for Harry Potter; the time travelling device in the Prisoner of Azkaban is clearly one of the most powerful weapon that either side of the battle should give more thought to).

Even more impressive is her skills in constructing some powerful emotions around her characters. Love, sacrifice, inescapable pain, tragedy, despair, agony, ecstacy. Although the story seemed very childish at the beginning, very high-school, when a guy’s car and insociability define his coolness, it evolved into something epic and grand towards the end.

But sometimes there are things so obvious to the readers but the supposedly smart characters just don’t get, that frustrated me. As if Meyer thought the readers were very slow, or she was very deliberate in her attempt to drag on the suspense.

All things considered, this was a very enjoyable read that kept me mesmerized (to use Meyer’s vocab) for many weeks.

I do, however, have one big problem with the whole story: the vampire guy, Edward, is around 80 years old, and he falling in love with a 17 year old is just absurd. It’s like a grandpa finding a teenage girl rediculously attractive… absurd. Maybe we are to believe that as vampirism halts Edward’s physical growth in his teenage years, it also preserves his horniness. But I’d think that after 80 years of abstinence, one would be more like a saint than a horny teenager.

I’ll let that one pass.

But, on a much earthier level, I have another question. If vampires don’t have blood, such that they can’t blush or have a heartbeat, how does Edward have a boner? (Oh believe me, Stephanie more than hinted that Edward had boners. Any further information would be a serious spoiler for anyone who hasn’t finished all 4 books. Yeah, the read towards the end got steamier and steamier.)

The story also worked in some very soup-opera-ish drama at the end, and the final climax was a bit anticlimatic (kinda like the first climax… huh, that makes 2 anticlimaxes out of 4…), but the depth of the emotions depicted in the stories was truly monumental.


6 thoughts on “On the Twilight Saga: some questions

  1. dude!
    old ppl are attracted to pretty people and like to have sex too. dont be ageist.

    id love to read the series to see what the hype is about, and the fact that u’re reading it and blogging about it makes me want to read it more…but ive heard about the author’s limited vocabulary (is this true?) which will prob make me want to rip my head off…

    have u seen the movie? i have not. the movie vampire is so disappointingly not good looking. (he is also the guy who played Cedric from HP. when i saw him on screen i literally turned around and asked my friend WTF?! because Cedric was supposed to be hot.)

  2. I agree with you completely on the guy not being hot enough. I also agree that the author has a very limited vocab (she said that Edward has a “perfect face” at least 20 times). This over-exaggeration of the good looks pretty much made it impossible to find any actor to portray this role. I mean, maybe Leonardo dicaprio can pull it off, but his face is just too well-known and thus not mysterious.

    However, I still think one at the age of 100 would be too preoccupied with such things as reflecting on his/her long life, finding out the meaning of the universe, or grumbling about how life sucks to seriously fall in love with a 17 year old.

    And take your comment on Cedric and put it on Cho Chang. I mean, WTF!!!??? I was so looking forward to a hot Chinese girl in the HP series but look what we got…

  3. LOL you two and your comments ahahhaha
    you know coincidentally I just started reading twilight a few days ago haha
    thanks for blogging about it so I don’t have to hide when I read this teenage-girlish novel lol
    maybe at the age of 100 something he’s already given up on finding the answers to the “big problems”???
    oh and I totally agree with you on the Cho Chang part WTF?@#!_%&!#%

  4. haha… eww Eric, you are reading that girl novel? Wait… I finished the whole series and liked it. XD

    I spent around 2 months to finish the 4 books, and a few days after finishing it, I’m starting to think I didn’t get anything out of it. Oh well, that was meant for just pure entertainment anyway.

    At the age of 100, one would give up the philosophy and go back to romance with an underage girl? Hmm… I look forward to becoming 100 now 😛

  5. hmm…to let you in a little secret…i finished the series in a week… just couldn’t stop reading it lol and yeah i didn’t get anything out of it either =(

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