Garibaldi Lake hike, who’s in?

So I’ve been back in Vancouver and will stick around in a several-day radius for the rest of the summer. To make the most out of this beatiful time of Vancouver, I shall plan a number of small trips. Some of these would be easy to have more people tag along, including the one I’m about to describe, so if you are interested in joining, please feel free to drop me a line 🙂

garibaldi 01

Garibaldi (mapis a big provincial park near Whistler. It is a regular hiking destination for Shad UBC, and having worked for Shad twice, I’ve climbed to the beautiful glacial lake twice. It’s a 9km hike to the lake, but the climb is quite moderate. Even the most whiny of high school students made it to the top with some “encouragement”.

 garibaldi 02

(The photographer decapitated me in this picture. Yeah, I hiked parts of it with a hand in my pocket. Not recommended for anyone who’s prone to falling.)

The hike is long but really not too strenuous; it takes about 2 hours to reach the top, and about 1.5 hours to get back down. The view on top is more than rejuvenating. And 80% of the walk is in the shade, so it’s not too hot until you reach the top and the trees open up.



And there were these birds that jump onto your raised hands even if you didn’t have anything in them. 


I’m planning to visit Garibaldi again in a few weeks after my family recover from their jet lag. It’ll be a day-trip on a sunny weekend, probably leaving Vancouver around 8am and finishing the hike around noon, and coming back down in the afternoon. 

So, like I said, drop me a line if you are interested in joining us 🙂


7 thoughts on “Garibaldi Lake hike, who’s in?

  1. I think i’d get in trouble for beating birds if i went.

    “and will stick around in a several-day radius for the rest of the summer”
    I dont understand what that means. i think it’s because it has the word “radius” in it, and that’s a math word.

  2. I know people who recently did the hike…and they had to hike through snow?! is this true….? because they took pictures, I assumed it’s true…did you hike through snow too? and they said it’s 19km hike…is that round trip @__@ why do you make the hike sound so easy haha and can you explain the radius thing please?

  3. Radius is the distance between the center of a circle to any point on the circle. In the context of this blog entry, I mean that if you make Vancouver the center of a circle of radius R, this R is upper-bounded by the limitation of a several-day travel distance. In plain terms, I meant that I only have at most several days to travel from Vancouver.

    There is snow up near the glacial lake all year round I think, but in July you don’t have to hike on any snow unless you want to. They are mostly scattered along the trail. It’s 9km up and 9km down, so I guess 9 + 9 = 19?

  4. i just want u to know that im so upset u used a variable letter in ur explanation. i got really confused again for a bit there.
    thank u for including plain terms. cuz im a plain person.

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