Ok, ok. I’m back.

Hello, my dearest neglected readers: I’m back. From a trip to Taiwan more amazing than I could hope for. So amazing that if I even begin to describe it, I risk losing friends because it would sound like I’m flaunting and bragging about how amazing it was. 


Fu-shan Botanical Garden, I-Lan, Taiwan

But then I thought to myself: actually, my friends should be happy when I’m happy. Plus I think I promised some of my friends that I will tell them stories of our trip. 

So I’m just gonna give you a summary first. And then if things come up that I really want to talk about, I will talk about them then.

We went to Kenting first:


Night market, aquarium, tourist spots, beach during the day, beach at midnight, archery, sets for the movie Cape No. 7…

Then we went to Tai-tung. Then Hua-lien:


Native Taiwanese tours, rural medical outing, local specialties…

Then we went to I-Lan:


National Center for Traditional Arts (傳統藝術中心), high class road-side stand sea food, Whiskey factory, Fushan botanical garden…

Then we finished the trip with an awesome lunch on Yangmingshan.


That’s the trip part of my trip. Then we went to live in Taipei for a week, job-shadowing a doctor at National Taiwan University Hospital during the day, and exploring Taipei during the evening. 

The doc does research as well as clinics, so we got to play with the micropipet a little bit too. 

We also went to Tina’s uncle’s wedding, and joined their after-party at a night club beneath Taipei 101. And at 2:30 am that day, I found out I got into UBC med. 


So, that’s the amazing trip in a nutshell. I skipped about 2,500 pictures, but you get the gist of things. 

A few things I learned:

  • NTU’s medical school has a library with swings in it, and it’s the most comfortable place to sleep


  • Sometimes neighbors above your apartment pours down mysterious discharges that make it seems like it’s raining; don’t be fooled into bringing your umbrella to work. But it’s not too silly to bring umbrella on a sunny day; many people do that in Taipei.
  • Some night clubs in Taipei are so westernized (playing Lady Gaga and Usher and all) that you can’t really differenciate them from night clubs in Vancouver, especially when those in Taipei have many white people, and those in Vancouver have many Asians.
  • The transit system in Taipei is better than Vancouver; you don’t even need to take the card out of your wallet to swipe, and it works on sky train, busses, and parking lots. I thought about not even taking the wallet out of my pocket and just butt-dance at the card sensor, but I decided against that.

8 thoughts on “Ok, ok. I’m back.

  1. geez 幸福的小孩 I hate you LOL!
    (I’m at work now and had to use Purple Culture to type chinese.. =v=)

    The MRT in taipei is awesome.. 悠遊卡好用啊!! 儲值也好方便.. although it’s a bit too convenient that I often ended up spending too much $$ on it without knowing haha XD

    And wow they have a swing in the library? o_O cool!

  2. pictures with scenery–> pretty (making me want to visit those places too)
    pictures with a lovely couple –> making me blind 😛 (俗語說叫”閃光” lol)

  3. hahahah..i just replied to ur comment on my blog and said u never blog anymore..可惡..看來我慢了幾步.

    墾丁is so pretty! i never knew that!
    Tina is so pretty! i already knew that!

    welcome back to the world of blog.


  4. Congratz buddy, on everything!!!
    I’m in TW now but you’re gone =(
    What’re your plans for the rest of the summer? maybe we’ll get to meet up some time?!

  5. I’m glad you had such an awesome trip! Now for a few questions:

    1. How did you manage to get that job shadowing thing with that doctor at NTU?

    2. How long did it take you to plan your trip (including researching on the places to go, booking hotels, booking transportation, etc)?

    3. Was playing with the micropipet fun? It looked like fun from the picture.

    4. What is a micropipet?

    5. Did you dance when you went clubbing? Was it expensive to go clubbing in Taipei?

    6. How did you know what bus to take to get you places around Taipei?

    Now for comments I’d like to share. I think I asked too many questions. Also, bus drivers in Taipei have pretty crazy driving skills. That was a pretty neat picture with the swing and stuff hehe I want to go on it too! I can’t believe you went clubbing in Taipei! I hope you had lots of fun! I’ve always been curious what clubs in Taipei looks like. hehe

  6. Ohh I just remembered as I was coming to reply Lynn’s questions that I haven’t replied to your msgs on here! Sorry everyone!

    N: I hope you have stopped hating me by now. I’ve been a normal, everyday guy in Vancouver for almost 2 weeks now.

    Amah: 多保養眼睛吧!

    Erica: lol at your last comment!

    Eric: totally, I’m in Vancouver for the rest of the summer. Come back and we’ll do something stupid together! Maybe you can meet Tina too, although that will put a restraint on the level of stupidity in the things that we do.

    1. through personal connections (as in someone’s dad knew someone who knows the doc)
    2. we totally cheated and just followed our parents.
    3. micropipet was ok for me cuz I’ve used it a lot. It was fun for Tina though (and the first time she used it, she didn’t put a tip on the pipette and wondered why it’s hard to pipette water)
    4. micropipet is micropipette
    5. yea there were some jumping around and waving of arms
    6. with a map and help from locals, it’s not hard to get around Taipei

    Next time if I end up going to a club again in Taipei, it has to play Mayday.

  7. Beautiful photos and congratz and the med acceptance! You are awesome Billy. An inspiration as always. And I now officially want to visit Taiwan.

  8. well i’ll be in Colorado for most of the rest of my summer after I head back to the US 6/15, and i’ll definitely try to plan a trip up =p
    btw, we don’t do stupid, we do reckless XD (<– and yes, I realize how stupid that sounds -.-)

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