On the road update

  1. It’s difficult to find the Interwebs in a Taiwanese household if the said household does not have  senior high school or college kids as regular residents.
  2. The above is my excuse for not updating this blog and the “picture log” thing I started a couple of posts ago.
  3. I have taken a bunch of pictures, met a bunch of relatives, and finally started to gain enough trust for my almost-2-year-old baby cousin to play with me and hug my thighs. 
  4. My physical unwellness has progressed from jetlag into an upset stomach from excess eating. I have also gained 1kg of weight in less than a week.
  5. I have forgotten the importance of sitting in front of the fan, wearing long pants to avoid mosquitos, and the rules of the road that resembles the fighting scenes in 300 – violent chaos in perfect concert. 
  6. I miss you.
  7. The Twilight saga seems to get better after you avoid (or become desensitized from) the silly, childish, annoying high school romance and accept the fact that, one way or another, you will have to waste 20 more hours of your life to finish the whole series. This sad realization seems quite similar to that after watching a few episodes of the O.C.
  8. I feel extremely lucky that the only cockroach I’ve seen so far is a dead one.
  9. I miss you so much it feels like I’m not completely here… things I eat, places I see, people I meet… I feel I can’t experience any of it fully because for anything I do, anything, I wonder: what would it be like if you were here?
  10. The coming Friday will probably be one of the most anticipated ones of my life. 

9 thoughts on “On the road update

  1. dude, way to put down a buddy
    sure hope 台灣 was a blast, what with the mercury pushed high and all that

    btw, this permeating silence on your blog is quite unlike you


  2. j: I still can’t figure out who you may be… sorry 😐 ! I have a few guesses, but none of them make sense. Seems like you read my blog regularly, is going to med school, and haven’t heard the news on Facebook… hm…

  3. oh billy schmilly
    you are wayyy toooo cute! I can’t stay mad at you
    *LE SIGH*
    let’s keep you guessing -after all, you made it into med school, you should have a few brain cells left to work it out. 😀
    clue #1: I hate facebook and rarely check it, but yes, I have it.
    clue #1a: so I’m THE one-of-a-kind hypocrite, yes?
    clue #2: I live in Vancouver, but am currently NOT in Vancouver.

  4. And you seem to be a UBC student, can type or at least understand “台灣), so you are most likely Chinese. The first observation eliminated 2 of my first guesses (one in McGill and another in Cornell). The second observation also takes out my 3rd guess.

    So I’m just drawing a big blank. You win. XD

  5. with absolutely NO intention of inciting a flame war (I’m not exactly sure who might read this, other than you and moi)
    台灣人, billy, TAIWANESE


    lol, I know this totally doesn’t help at all
    so, to be continued…in September

  6. Haha… yeah, I used “Chinese” in the ethnic sense, as in those who read Chinese, including Taiwanese, Singaporean, and of course mainland Chinese. 華人 is not the same as 中國人, but unfortunately there is no distinction in their English translation.

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