Sun Run 2009

Once again, I took on the Sun Run. After doing it in 2005 and 2006, I took 2 years break because there were always finals right after the Sunday Run, but this year… well, I don’t have to keep reminding everyone that my final exams were finished in 3 days.

This year I didn’t have much time to train… I spent most of my exercise time in the weight room, but I managed to run a f ew times in the past week to prime my body. Lack of training was not the only challenge; I managed to chat late into the night with a certain special lady whose name starts with T and ends with sodium (Na), and got myself 5 hours of sleep.

But the weather today was perfect for a jog: cool and cloudy, but dry. 

This is what the crowd looks like from the back at 8am.


This is what the crowd looks like from the front at 9am.



I was off to the side; the crowd of 50,000 looks even more impressive if you take the picture from the right place:


Anyway, I ran pretty well this year. In fact, I felt so good that I thought I could run another 10K when I finished. 

The gear check this year is much, much more efficient. My brother warned me that last year he had to wait 40 mins to get his gears, so that I should run to grab our stuff as soon as we cross the finish line. I did. And I waited for less than 40 seconds, because they grouped the bags into the categories of runners (by color), and sorted the bags by number. 

So I headed into BC stadium for the sweetest oranges of the year. Seriously, they taste like heaven after 10K run. 



And viola!!!


Just look at Guy #14199. 

The bananas were ok, but after you stand in front of the oranges for 5 minutes eating at least a dozen pieces, you kinda have to move down the line.


So I was happy:


That’s a free yogart in my hand. I grabbed two. 

That’s all the time I have today to write about the Run. Next year I would definitely write more if Tina joins me 🙂 

She texted my results the next morning: 56:46. I honestly forgot my time last year, but I don’t think I improved this year. Next year, next year.


4 thoughts on “Sun Run 2009

  1. Good job =) must be funn!
    too bad that you missed the performance, but it’s ok!! I am thinking about joining the community group, so there ll have lot more performances coming up !!! =P
    when are you coming back from TW ?? I am leaving van too !!!

  2. special lady whose name starts with T and ends with sodium (Na) <- 很鹹的一杯茶?

    Just look at Guy #14199 <- hahahahahahahahhaaha <-其實我很想打大寫..但怕這樣會很失禮..what if he happened to see your blog cuz he googled his number to check his time?! for 2 microseconds i thought maybe it was david.

    你的tshirt寫的是 (愛心)台灣嗎? 在哪兒買的?

    good for u for not dying. and especially good for u for mooching 2 yogurts. that is what ultimately counts. 最後的勝利是你的. there’s a million ways to spell that word, but i dont think “yogart” is one of them..sorry..=(

  3. Mark>

    It sure was fun! I’ll be going back to Vancouver with Tina later in May 🙂

    I don’t think Guy #14199 will find my blog. If he does, and if he finds my unauthorized use of his photograph taken in a public event, he is welcomed to leave a msg and I will take appropriate action immediately.

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