Ready for summer: introducing… PICTURE LOG!


I’m so excited to be done with my final exams. I immediately changed into summer shirts this afternoon. In my book, spring changes into summer whenever the last final exam is. 

Anyway, I’m going to experiment with this picture log thing that I just came up with. Let’s see how long I’ll keep up with this, and how it might evolve with time 🙂 Let’s just hope it won’t die out next week.

SOOOO EXCITED for this summer… the FUN is going to be OFF THE HOOK. It will surpass the highest level of AWESOME and enter the realm of LIFE-CHANGINGLY KICK ASS. 

Seriously, even I can’t foresee how much fun is going to hit me. You will just have to wait now.


4 thoughts on “Ready for summer: introducing… PICTURE LOG!

  1. this is hard…

    4/16 叫很大聲然後把你的手放在破掉的黑板前面
    4/17 打算把垃圾丟窗外
    4/18 坐計程車去紐約
    4/19 穿溜冰鞋 sun run
    4/20 買一隻狗然後從別的國家運到這裡的機場來

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