A really pointless update that you shouldn’t read if you have better things to do such as studying for your final exams

1. I enjoy getting tanned while studying – – and I didn’t have to leave my desk. I just have to take off my shirt, put on my sunglasses, and enjoy the 17th floor sunshine. 


(I don’t think a topless picture of my is appropriate here, although I’ve already shown some in a previous post…)


2. I really look forward to finishing my exams in a couple of days. This is going to be by far my shortest exam period, lasting 3 days in total. I will finish all of my exams before my brother even starts. WHAT AM I GOING TO DO TO MY ROOMMATES??!!

3. The traffic to my blog looks like a patient in ventricular fibrillation recently:


I have some hypotheses for this erratic visitor pattern: 

a) a mysterious visitor decides to visit my blog and read 60 posts every other day

b) the probability of some pre-meds looking up “med school mmi” and finding my site is about 50% per day, so on average, I get one happy pre-med on my blog every 2 days

c) I really want to make a 3rd point but I can’t. 

4. The total view count to my blog is 48,301 as I type. At a rate of 140 new views a day, we will reach 50,000 in less than 2 weeks. As I did before, I put up the view counter for all to count down with me! 

5. Ohhhhh get ready for a huge revamp when ZeroRatio goes SUMMER!!!


6 thoughts on “A really pointless update that you shouldn’t read if you have better things to do such as studying for your final exams

  1. 哈哈哈~~老實說… 比利自拍的那張是不是有想要偷笑XD


  2. You have such a nice view from your room!!! That’s so cool!!! I’ve always wondered what the view looked like from the top of gage!

    I also wanted to comment on how I can see your eyes through your sunglasses. I’m glad you don’t have creeper sunglasses, so we’re still able to maintain our blogger-plus-very-rare-response-leaver friendship.

    I am very extremely curious about how you manage to finish exams within three days at UBC. Please enlighten me.

    Good Luck on your final exams! 🙂

  3. I was much more excited about the million-dollar view from my room last term, as seen here, here, and here. Also during the winter time.

    I wonder what creeper sunglasses look like, but I’m glad we can still be blogger-rare-responder friends 🙂

    Lastly, finishing exams in 3 days requires you to take classes that get assigned exam slots within a range of 3 days. Since the exam assignment is decided by UBC, you either infiltrate that system, or you get extremely lucky like I did. Also taking only 3 classes with final exams help.

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