Computer bugs are not viruses… (end of SDS!)

After some hardcore programming last weekend (I stayed in the same room for over 12 hours on Sunday), we finally pulled off something that we were somewhat happy with. GWT is not the solution for a website, by the way; we agreed that if we were to do this again, we will do anything but GWT. 

Anyway, I’m too busy to write down everything that I’d like to document with regards to my experience coordinating a Student Directed Seminar. But I’d just like to take this chance and let my none-geek friends know: bugs are not viruses. When we say we spent 6 hours trying to catch a bug, it doesn’t mean we sat watched the antivirus software for 6 hours XD. Besides, generally us geeks are careful enough to avoid getting viruses, but most of us are doomed to live out our lives battling bugs after bugs.

So what exactly are bugs in programs? In the most general term that I can think of, bugs are what make programs fail, like typos and grammer errors are what make essays fail. Some bugs are as silly as a typo, which are generally easy to catch and can be avoided by more experience programmers, but some bugs are hidden in the complexity of the program. Yet some other bugs are just plain impossible to find (like how we can run the exact same program in one environment but not another, or some sort of concurrency issues). 

Viruses are kick-ass programs that probably don’t have bugs in them. Viruses are out to do harm to anyone’s computer, bugs only make users and developers develop hypertension. 

I hope that gives you a picture of what I did in the past few days. Basically, sat in front of my computer, sputing profanity at both the failure and success of what we do all day – bug squashing.


3 thoughts on “Computer bugs are not viruses… (end of SDS!)

  1. 哈哈我記得小學的時候聽到爸爸說他整個上午都在抓bug的時候我還真的以為有蟲子跑到電腦裡面去了… = = 超笨的 (even though the first computer bug was really a bug! XD )

    不過 490 終於結束了有點失落的感覺哩..I really learned a lot from this course!!! Thanks Billy for organizing all these! =D

  2. I am a computer idiot! I only know how to use it XD

    anyways, I hope you enjoyed the show yesterday. I will upload the pictures and tag you on facebook later =)

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