Take risks with your courses — and not worry about your GPA!

A friend of mine, Geoff Costeloe, posted a link to this article: Credit/D/F chugs along that I think everyone who’s not graduating until 2011 or later should take a look. (Because this option is available in Sept 2010.) (That’s you, Tina, Heidi, Charlie, et al.) 

Read the article for details. 

Basically, UBC is allowing students to choose whether they want to make a course count towards their GPA or not. They can now make any course a pass-fail course, and just shoot for a pass. 

This would have been awesome for me; I’ve taken a few challenger courses like Philosophy of Law with a bunch of intimidating pre-laws, and if I had the option to make that course Credit/D/F, I would have done that in a heart beat. I would probably take more of these interesting but GPA-bashing courses.

I wonder how this will affect the course-taking ecosystem at UBC. More people might take Pharmacology 305, for example, because this course is highly relevant to medicine but notoriously difficult. (Imagine a final exam that covers material from SEPTEMBER to APRIL.)

My brother thinks he might take sculpture if that class doesn’t have to count towards his GPA too. It is much too hard to get a great mark in fine arts than, say, math, because the marking is so subjective and arbitrary.


One thought on “Take risks with your courses — and not worry about your GPA!

  1. um….interesting.

    I guess there are always pros and cons.

    This decision will allow students to explore more of their undiscovered potential and interest, but it also means more $$-making for UBC (tuition might climb up continuously).

    Even though AMS emphasizes that the decision of whether to take these courses or not is up to students, I think lots of people would like to try this new sysem XD

    um….i’ll probly take acting and psychology if I am still stuck in UBC after 10′

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