Storm the Wall – cheer squad rewarded


So, here at UBC, we pride ourselves with climbing a 12-foot wall after swimming, sprinting, biking, and running — a feat that surprises some certain high school individuals: “so that’s what they do in university?”

Yes, that’s what we do. And that’s what I will do next Tuesday, at 2:40pm, in front of the Knoll. 


I will not wear shorts like this guy, but otherwise this is what I will be doing at the above mentioned time. 

As you may know, I’m not a swimmer at any rate; if anything, I should be running the 1km. But no, I will be swimming, for if I don’t, my team will be disqualified

The swimming leg of the race is 225 yards, or 9 widths of the UBC pool. If I drown, which is likely given that the last time I did anything resembling a swimming training was at least 8 years ago, when I swam for a week then stopped, a life guard will jump in and save my life. But I won’t drown, for if I do, my team will be disqualified.

Imagine me struggling in the water, my sprinter (2nd leg of the race) waiting on the side of the pool watching the swimmers on other teams finishing one by one, a life guard deciding that I’m a lost cause, and jumping in to save me. If that’s not enough, allow me to add that the sprinter is Tina, who is super, super hyped up about storming the wall.

Yeah, that would be a worthy addition to  the dramatic moments in my undergrad career. 

But that’s not going to happen, because I am not letting my team get disqualified on the first leg. (Wow I just realized how much is on my shoulders… our team — the SPAC STORMERS — represents the SPAC program, and we are fully sponsored by Janet, who happens to be my adored med application reference.) 

So, let’s say I finish swimming. Tina will then sprint from the pools to Education Library, and Nelson will bike around (like he always do but faster) along Main Mall, and Jennie will run 1km to the wall. By that time, I should have regained my ability to walk and I will meet with everyone plus Linh, and the 5 of us will Storm the WALL!!!

NOW, how can YOU get involved?

Easy. Bring your voice and your camera to the Knoll next Tuesday, March 31st, around 2:30pm, and cheer for us! Then send us the pictures, and the SPAC STORMERS will designate you the official SUPER AWESOME FRIENDS OF SPAC STORMERS. 

If Tina, Jennie, Linh, Nelson and I climbing on top of each other is not enough incentive, please consider this picture:


Yeah, that’s my butt in tight spandex. Now you want to come cheer for us.


13 thoughts on “Storm the Wall – cheer squad rewarded

  1. GoGoGo SPAC Stormers!! Whoo! Definitely, do come out and cheer:D

    But Billy, don’t pressure yourself too much. The idea of finishing the race is good enough. I won’t mind watching other swimmers finishing off first… but having said that, you might still beat some other swimmers, not everyone is pro.不要小看自己喔,如果當天突然爆發力一來…

    btw, that’s you in the picture!?

  2. lol XD
    I’ll swim a few more times to see what’s a good speed to swim at without stopping.

    If I beat anyone, I should buy that person a present for making me feel good 😀

    And yeah, I’m afraid that’s me in the picture. That’s my biking shorts back when I stormed the wall in 1st year.

  3. GO GO SPAC Stormers~~
    Haha i think i know all of your teammates except for Linh lol

    超想去的耶^^不過我那時會在Forestry的女廁做microbial swabbing XD


  4. i have watched storm the wall EVERY YEAR…xcept now i dun go to campus anymore due to my new and ending ubc-nursing life.


    it is a fact that EVERY YEAR, while i’m there, someone’s pants gets ripped off for some odd reason as he desperately tries to climb up the wall. and i get to see someone’s bare buttocks and laff really hard at his misfortune. EVERY YEAR.

    do u think u can arrange for that to happen this year? will you be that “he”?

  5. if so, i PROMISE i will bus in from richmond, and take pictures with my super good pink camera with super good zoom, and send it to the SPAC STORMERS WHO I AM SURE ARE ABSOLUTELY AWESOME!

  6. Hm… I think it’ll be up to my teammates whether or not they want to rip off my pants.

    The fact that I’ve NEVER seen this happen, and that you’ve seen it happen EVERY TIME you go watch makes me believe that your presence at Storm the Walls is cursed, at least for guys with loose pants.

  7. “it’ll be up to my teammates whether or not they want to rip off my pants”… agreed… considering doing it yourself may be illegal?

  8. 當然是我們一起阿~~才會連一朵雲都沒有XD

    are you feeling better now? 看你今天下午很不舒服~>”<

    倒是我跟Sally看到你踩Tina翻牆時都捏了把冷汗 –”

    我有用馬克的相機全程錄影, 不知道有沒有錄好就事了XD

  9. … 我有踩Tina嗎? 我那時候整個是天旋地轉的狀態, 完全不知道周圍在發生什麼事…

    阿對! 我想起來了. Tina在左邊, Linh在右邊 XD
    (小聲說) 我有盡量把重量放在Linh那邊啦 XDDD

    大家再等一兩天就有相片影片大實錄! 敬請期待!

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