[Interview] 5 days till the Big Day

I went to the Wine and Cheese social event organized by the Med Undergrad Society last weekend, and it was really a wonderful night (for various reasons :P). Social-wise, I got to know more med students and reconfirmed my finding that these people are the coolest kids in town. They are so dynamic, so unique, and all so enthusiastic about what they do… I want to be a part of this family.

A few interviewee friends of mine were there too, and one of them were quite nervous about her upcoming interview. She has it at the same timeslot as me. 

I, on the other hand, was totally chilled. I could think of a few reasons for this too:

1. I’ve approached this application as a test run — just to test the water and see how things work. My real med school application effort will come next year.

2. I’m never the type that gets nervous about exams and interviews; I was talking to another friend the other day, and I figured that my mentality is “do all I can do and see what happens”. 

3. My mind is just too damn occupied right now to worry about med interview. Is there anything more important than an imminent interview? *Surprised* Yes, yes there is. 

Anyway, what have I done in the last little while and what will I do in the next 5 days, in terms of med school interview?

Last week, a friend of mine and I each organized a mock interview, hers at her apartment, and mine at some classrooms on campus. Counting the other practices, I’ve had 4 runs in total, and really, I think that’s enough. If you haven’t tried reading the question prompts and answering under time pressure, I strongly recommend you do so. Don’t do it by yourself; best to find current med students or friends who are interviewing, but if that’s not available, find other friends and family. Just ask them to sit there, keep time, and listen to you talk for 7 minutes.

I’m also reading some books on medical ethics, and I will probably read up on the rural medical issues. The book I am reading is called “Doing Right”, by Philip C. Hebert. 

Here I’d like to stress how previliged and thankful I feel about having an awesome supporting team of around 10 interviewing students. There is very little sense of competition among our group; we genuinely want each other to do well, giving the best feedback and suggestions we can give to each other. Also, I couldn’t find that Doing Right book in bookstores and ordering it would take a month, so I sent out an email to this group for help. Within 24 hours, 3 people replied offering to lend me the book. 

Anyway, in the next little while I’m just going to take it slow. Read the stuff I plan to read, do the school work I need to do, and on that fateful Sunday morning sleep in until 10am if I can, get a nice big brunch, take a walk around UBC, shower, change, and drop the bomb.


4 thoughts on “[Interview] 5 days till the Big Day

  1. Hey ZeroRatio…
    your posts always make me smile…. i think mostly because you remind me a lot of well… ME! Anyway, your posts concerning MMIs have been very useful… so just wanted to thank you for that. I am interviewing myself at McGill at the end of March who also conducts MMIs. I was wondering from the mock interviews you had if you could provide some sample questions the UBC students ran over with you. I know it’s a different school but I guess it can’t hurt to practice anything! =)
    My email is valav23@gmail.com
    If not, it’s no problem, I still learned a lot from your posts. =)
    GOOD LUCK to ya!

  2. Hi Val,
    Thanks for your message! Out of the thousands of views to my interview posts, you are the only one to leave me a comment 😀

    I will email you some practice problems my friends and I came up with. I didn’t write down the questions from the current med students, but hopefully our home-made questions would be of some use.

    Congrads on getting an interview from McGill too! Good luck!

  3. Hey Zeroratio,

    I really enjoyed reading all of your posts about your med school application journey. I can really relate to what you’re going through. Hopefully I will get a positive feeling after my interview too!

    I was lucky enough to get an interview at McGill as well and was wondering if you could send a copy of sample MMI questions that you practiced with?

    My email is aclementine4u@yahoo.com
    (I know it’s cheesy..lol, it’s from high school =P)

    Thanks for your help, and your amazing posts! I bookmarked your site 🙂

  4. Hey Zeroratio, congrat on your admission into med, I just spent 2 hours reading through your entire blog( most of them), and it’s like an addiction. You are a brilliant person and I am not a stalker. So I am applying for med this year too and was wondering if you can send me the MMI sample quesitons if you still have them by any chance?

    My email is Shuyi0202@msn.com

    But thank you for sharing your knowledge and experience with people, you do somehow spread positive energy around and people really need that.

    Keep it up!


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