[Interview] Mock MMI: tips I learned, and why I LOVE UBC MED STUDENTS

Tonight, I met some 1st and 2nd year UBC med students at 6:45, who organized a mock interview with 10 stations for 14 of us. It’s now 11:30, and I just got back, being dropped off by a super awesome interviewer who stayed and talked to the very last anxious interviewee.

I’m so thrilled by this process and how much I learned, that I’m now typing this up fast — still in my suit because I don’t have time to take it off.

So, firstly, these are what I learned:

1. Avoid the law. Some situations are complicated with legal consequences, such as when your patient died, but the reviewing committee wants to see your empathetic response. How you feel for the patients, how you express your sincerity, how you approach the situation with warmth and honesty. Screw the hospital protocols; be the genuine, caring person that you are.

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10 thoughts on “[Interview] Mock MMI: tips I learned, and why I LOVE UBC MED STUDENTS

  1. I would love to come to the lunch table on Tues and Thurs. Unfortunately I have something else planned already =( maybe next time ?? btwww, I am going to the teddy bear seminar this friday, are you gonna be there ??!

  2. clearly number 10 will determine if u get accepted or not. good thing they told u!
    but wow! that so sweet u guys have ppl running workshops like that!

    oh yes. and go billy go.

    ps. i asked every single one of my mental health patients wut animal they want to be..u learn a surprising amount about ppl..

  3. hi!
    I just came across your blog while looking for some practice questions for the MMI interview… my interview is on the 28th and I am a nervous nervous wreck right now..>< so anything would be great help!! thanks!!

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  5. Hi there! I’m preparing for my UBC med interview in January. I’m interested in getting some practice before the big day. If it’s not too much trouble, could you connect me the people in charge of organizing the mock interviews you attended?

    Thanks so much!


  6. Hi Jonathan, congrats on getting an interview! You are more than halfway to the goal 🙂

    To prepare for the mock interview, I suggest getting a few friends together and doing interviews on each other. This is the best way to make sure you get some practice with the format. One can always count on one’s self more than others 😉

    In terms of a mock interview, actually I’m helping to organize the mock interview this year. We are a bit short staffed right now (wanting to maintain a 1:1 ratio of interviewer and interviewees), but I’ll let you know if there’s anything I can do once we get the number sorted out.

    Cheers, and stay positive!

  7. hello, I got a UBC interview invite as well. I am glad to hear the positive comments about the mock mmis. Looking forward to them for sure!!!! What days/times? Will they be on?

    Thank you,

  8. Hi zeroratio,

    I was sifting through google looking for some MMI information as I have my interview coming up on the 23rd of January at UBC. I’m a little nervous to say the least. Any suggestions? Are some mock interviews being planned? I think I read about some of you having sample MMI questions, is this true? Anyways, I enjoyed reading your posts and it somewhat calmed my nerves. Thanks.

    I hope to hear from you soon.



  9. Hello Toha and Brett, and other interviewees at UBC,
    Thanks for leaving me comments, and congrats on your achievements thus far. Getting an interview with any medical school is no easy feat.

    I know many of you are eager to get some practices with mock MMI’s, which is what I would suggest too. The surest way to have a practice is if you get a few people together and interview each other, since mock MMI’s planned by others may not have many spots (ie. the situation I’m in right now 😦 ), but I know that not everyone has a big group of friends who are also interviewees.

    So here’s an idea. If I can muster a group of ~12 of you, then I can run a mock MMI session with this group. Send me an email at billy@zeroratio.com if you are interested in this plan.

    Also, I plan to move the med school related posts on this blog to a different location, so please be sure to check that out when the move is complete. There I will write more about interviews and the whole shebang.

    Until then, relax and enjoy Christmas!



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