Too much, too fast: just a bullet list of going-ons in the past two days

Tuesday, 12:30pm: First Student Directed Seminar presentation

This is a milestone for every project in the course, all of which seem super awesome and will probably all attract lots of attention if we manage to complete them. But this is an extra special milestone for me: the course I devised (workshop topics, project structure, marking scheme, etc) managed to keep 15 diverse, experienced students entertained for a month, and the work everyone put into this project is awesome. 

Meeting Paul is  one of the biggest reward for me. He is extremely knowledgeable, experienced, and his talent is combined with uncommonly excellent patience, enthusiasm, and a genuine desire to help everyone around him learn. In short, Paul is quickly becoming one of my favorite programming buddies and overall a great inspiration. 

Tuesday 3pm: Talked to Google engineer about her campus outreach program

A  few programmers used their 20% time to work on a campus outreach program where they provide tutorials for students who are interested in learning about web technologies. Hey, sounds familiar? I got on skype and chatted about the Student Directed Seminar with Stephanie Liu, and how I think she can connect with the talent pool she’s interested in: recruit workshop leaders who are both motivated to learn new skills on their own and experienced with event planning, train them the web technologies, and have them organize small workshops for the other students.

Tuesday 4:30pm-8:30pm: Beyond the BSc

After months and months of planning (we started planning in October, had weekly committee meetings up to last week), it was finally our time to shine. And shine we did! This was actually the first event I co-chaired, but with tremendous help from my co-chairs Gaby and Liz, and expert help from Jen Scott of Career Services, our beloved Janet Sinclair, and of course the tireless planning committee who took care of everything from food planning to poster design to mentor invitation… 

The feedback I received from mentors and students were extremely encouraging; I changed my status to “I. Love. You. People.” later that night, after I changed out of my suits and generally collapsed in exhaustion. 

This short blurb does not nearly do justice to my experiences with this event. I wish I can find the time and motivation to say more soon.

Wednesday 1pm: Tech Career Fair

There were fewer companies this year, but this was the first time I actually prepared some resumes and dropped some off! I bombed: Microsoft, Informatica, and Safe Software. Microsoft because I knew the person manning the booth: Andrew Rothbart, who was the President of the CS Student Society when I first joined, Informatica because it was in San Fran and it has a flexible start and end time for summer internship, and Safe Software cuz they got killer domain name.

Wednesday 3pm: met a cool friend

Wednesday 3:30: Interview for International Peer Program – Student Manager

If I haven’t mentioned that the entire SCI Team loves Janet like children love their mom, well, we do. Due to the policy that SCI Team members must graduate after 2 years of service, Janet actively seeked out opportunities for me to stay involved on campus, and she recommended me to join the IPP as a Student Manager. 

The program has a great mission that I resonate with, the transition it’s undertaking fits my shoe very well, and Caroline, the program’s staff coordinator, was very considerate of students in my position and encouraged me to still apply even though there is a possibility that I will enter Med school next year and have to pull out of the program. So after some deliberation, I applied. 

The interview was a great opportunity for me to reflect on my skills and believes. I was interviewed for campus leadership opportunities in 1st year, 2nd year, 3rd year, and now in 4th year, I felt a lot more comfortable, but still I could catch myself sounding nervous. 

Wednesday 5:30pm: Peer Program Information Night

A salute of campus involvement and leadership opportunities, including the SCI Team, SPAC, and IPP, presented their programs tonight. This year, we’re actually doing a common application, and all of the information is consolidated here. I thought this is very clever, and it should make it a lot easier for students to apply.

The video they made did not get finished in time for this event, so I was pretty disappointed. I went with a fellow coach, Jonas, who was planning to go home when I stopped him and got him to come. (“But I’m not invited,” he said. “I’m not invited either! Let’s go!” was my answer). And at the last minute, we were given the task of presenting the SPAC program to the audience. And we pulled it off like no one else 🙂 


4 thoughts on “Too much, too fast: just a bullet list of going-ons in the past two days

  1. Wednesday 3pm: met a cool friend

    hahaha!!! isss that me that you are referring to ?? we should meet up for lunch or something, but I think our schedules don’t match =( soo sadd!

  2. lol~~ u’re cool too la!
    But I met another cool friend at 3 😛

    Do you know about the RC lunch table on Tues and Thurs? You should come hang out if you are free between 11 and 2 on one of these days. People gather on the platform on the first floor, near the exit of the food court. I will try to drop by on Thursdays (I only have 30min break on Tuesday!). Let me know if you’re free at that time lor!

  3. hey~i am thinking of doing Inter. Peer Program too, but since i might be doing co-op and off campus, more details need to be looked into 😀

    Best wishes on your interview lo (or….you got the position already ^^”)

  4. I think I’ll find out next week.
    You should definitely consider joining, even if you’re having a full time job. Contact the coordinator if you have any concerns; her name is Caroline, and I can give you her email if you want 🙂

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