Grass Visor

I have had this idea for a while now. Unlike most previous items, this time I actually started with a design in mind. The idea was simple: since my hair looks like an abandoned lawn when I wear a visor, why not just make a practical joke on myself?

Enough talking. Meet the plain visor. 



Just some initial proof-of-concept:


Of course, it didn’t really prove anything, but I went ahead anyway cuz I didn’t expect it to prove anything in the first place.


About 1 hour later, I entered the I-think-I-messed-up zone that I usually go through by messing things up more:


But it looks really messed up this time; it’s more like some drunk kid trying to do graffiti than any sort of conceivable grass.


Another hour and lots more paint later:


I think it’s an acceptable rescue! I also incorporated my signature into the design for the first time:



And now I can happily wear this visor to make fun of my own messy hair:





5 thoughts on “Grass Visor

  1. haha~~
    it would be more like a lawn if you dye your hair green!! XD

    還有層次呢~不錯! 挖甲意!

  2. amah>>
    Didn’t you say you have an idea for a hat last time? We have yet to find a time for you to make that happen! (I have a black hat with red lines that you can use)

    Thanks! I’m glad you liked it : )
    The little red flower is my signature 😉
    ((You’ve came visit a few times… but I still can’t figure out whether we’ve met or not…?))

  3. ha!!! I LIKE IT!!
    ..and i like the incorporating ur signature in ur design thing..u should do that more often..make it ur “thing” ppl can guess where it is..and then all of a sudden stop doing it..

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