[Interview] Reader discretion is advised

Tomorrow is February 1st, the official start date of the one-month countdown to my med school interview. Following the popularity of my [MCAT] essay series (which attracted most of the traffic to my blog in the past two months) (which leads to my unfounded belief that a new cycle of pre-med prepping must have started), I will start an [Interview] series. 

This series will contain lots of reflections on what I did, what I learned, and what I think. It will include how I prepare, how I stay calm (or become insane), and how I stay alive (but don’t call the police if I stop updating this blog… I probably just got lazy). It will also contain some interview-specific information such as its format and scariness. 

For those of you who are here only for my casual random jokes, misleading views on relationships, nonsense fictions, or love-sick outcries mostly written in Chinese not because I’m discriminating but because that’s my language for love-sick outcries, use discretion for upcoming entries marked with [Interview]. 

For the rest of you, fasten your seatbelts for this blog is about to take on a new journey (yet again).


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