Gonna be filmed for SPAC tmr

SPAC stands for Science Peer Academic Coaches, an organization I’ve been involved with for three years, whose aim is to train students to help other students review, access, and improve study habits and mentality. SPAC is a member organization of the “Peer Programs”, which includes SCI Team, Wellness Center, IPP, Sustainability Ambassadars, E-Team, among others.

And tomorrow (actually today, since it’s 12:20am as I type) I will be representing SPAC on a video project organized by the Peer Program Center. Apparently my ESL-ness has been overlooked and I was known to be a decent talker. Cool!

Anyway, I don’t want to just wing it at filming because that will waste too much time. So here are some questions they will ask, and my plan to answer them.




All program questions


1)      “Who are you and what peer program are you from?”

a)      First name, Major, Year and Peer Program are you affiliated with

I can answer this one I think.

2)      So you are form the XXXX program.  What is the most insane study strategy you’ve heard?

True story: a friend of mine is so addicted to cue-cards, he posts them on the shower curtain so he can read them when he showers.

3)      “So… what makes UBC so freaking great?” in regards to student experience and peer programs

Seriously, anything you want to do, you can probably find someone at this huge school to do it with.

4)      “Why did YOU want to get involved with your peer program?”

First year was one of the best years of my life academically. I want to share this with everyone.

5)      “What is one skill you got from being part of the peer program you are a part of that you couldn’t get anywhere else”

Where else can you learn how to boost your GPA? 

6)      “What skills you got that you can utilize beyond ubc?

Using GMail as an extension of my brain. 

7)      “What is the most amazing moment, best memory, or the most rewarding experience that you have had during one of the peer program activities”

Earlier this week, I ran into a girl I couched two years ago. She gave me a big, happy smile. 

8)      “Who do you think would really be interested and/or benefit from being part of this peer program?

Carl Wieman 

9)      If you were Professor Toope for a day, what would you change or do?

I’ll give away all of my money because I will be a different person the next day anyway. 

10)  If there was something in the SUB you could add on, what would that be?

A large clean, well ventilated eating area. 

11)  What as the most people you ever spoke to in a crowd?

Maybe 300? 

12)  How many committees have you been on at one time?

Too many.

13)  What is the most creative thing you’ve ever done for a poster?

Hung it on the ceiling with strings and a tennis ball.

14)  UBC’s motto is Tuum Est, or “its yours/it’s up to you.”  Why do you feel UBC is yours? Why do YOU feel part of UBC?

I ate, breathed, played, worked, and lived at UBC for 4 years. 

15)  If you had to advertise your peer program all by yourself right now, how would you do it?

a)      Action/movement/saying/etc

This is a school, and you are a student. Let us help you to be the best one you can be.


3 thoughts on “Gonna be filmed for SPAC tmr

  1. Apparently my ESL-ness has been overlooked and I was known to be a decent talker. <- HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHAHA

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