Ninja and the demise of the sword maker

I can’t believe I did not include this video earlier, when I made the ultra awesome ninja sword last March for a mysterious ninja friend, who not-so-stylishly slashed around during our last SCI Team meeting.


Oh yes, this was made waaay back, when I was still living in Fairview and had my old laptop. 


The basic story: a friend on SCI Team is pathologically fond of anything Ninja. So I dared her: if I made her a ninja sword, she’ll dress up as a ninja at our last meeting. It was on April 1st, 2008.


So a ninja sword I made.


This thing took me about 2 hours. Why no decoration?

1) The only material I had was a discarded piece of cardboard I found in the unit, some tape, a stapler, and a knife. I didn’t even have scissors. 

2) It was April. I was in school. Add those up, and you will be amazed I had time to do anything other than studying.

So there you go! Thought I would include this for completion, so that the “crafts” section of this blog isn’t all about painting random things.



6 thoughts on “Ninja and the demise of the sword maker

  1. i want a custom made cardboard laptop. complete with that red knob thing that scrolls super fast and has good grip dots.

  2. Erica>>
    You are the only person I know who likes that red knob thing so much.
    然後你的 死了都要愛 慘不忍聽我的潛意識一直要我把它忘記, 而且我目前如果有2小時的空閒都會拿來用在別的地方…
    不過經過你的提醒, 我要完成它的壓力又回來了… so maybe u’ll see it in a while 😦

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