Road Trip Hat

It’s been a long time since the last update of this series. For the fans of my doodles, I hope you will enjoy this new installment. For everyone else, I invite you to waste a few minutes of your time anyway.

This hat was drawn last night when I decided to throw out my old tooth brush and thought to myself: “hey, this could be a cool addition to my painting tools.”


As usual, I had no idea what I was going to do, so I went ahead happily.


The toothbrush proved to be an interesting tool indeed. It can scratch, brush, and spray paint droplets everywhere (probably with some inhaled toxic aerosols)


So a while later, the hat looked like this.


This is when I knew what I was going to do with this hat.

Maybe you can figure out what I decided to do from the above picture?

Need a hint? I named this the “Road Trip Hat”.


I wonder who guessed it 🙂


Doesn’t that background just totally reminds you of the dirt and bug splatter after a long road trip?

It sure does to me!

In case the miniature bug corpses are intelligible, I put some blown up version on the sides.

This is Mr. Bug heading towards the windshield of death.


And this is after.


It took me some courage to wear the Rain Hat in public; I wonder how much more it would take for me to wear this one.


Finally, this signature is going to make the Road Trip Hat worth… hm… 300% of its material cost in the future! (That’s a staggering price of $10 for $3 material cost).


There you go. I hope you enjoyed it.


5 thoughts on “Road Trip Hat

  1. at first i thought it was the face of a duck xD
    cuz the cap is orange nd looks a lot like the bill of a duck *nodz*
    the dragonfly juice is purple!! =O
    (im still debating whether thatz disgusting or pretty)

  2. lol another nicely done creativity. Do you know what i was thinking of half way through the entry? —>台灣古早機車後面的周慧敏擋泥板XD which has pretty much the same idea as your road trip. Overall i liked it : )
    but i like the third picture the most:D.

    Tooth brush is amazing, it does many things that we can hardly imagine lol.

    倒是我有個問題,你哪來這麼多空白的帽子阿. 有空可以不以借阿嬤畫一頂, i’ve got a great idea XD (一定不好意思戴出去那種lol~除非halloween). But i dun know how well (in terms of entertainment) it will turn out to be though…..^^”

  3. kaisalin>>
    haha… me too, actually. When I first started to wear the tree of death hat, my colleague’s response was “I’m not sure how I feel about that…”

    haha… third picture eh? Now I have another idea for a hat too. I ran out of hats to paint (although I still got some other materials, but I seem to like hats the most) so I think it’s time to go Daiso shopping again. I’m sure there are places in asia where you can buy hundreds of blank hats for cheap. Maybe I will investigate that if I end up in Taiwan this summer.

    I will pick up a few extra for you 🙂

  4. all i could think of the whole time was the fact that that toothbrush used to be in your mouth…

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