Off to a great start

School started yesterday, and already I felt I’m off to a great start.

The Student Directed Seminar is happily on its way, having just finished the 2nd session today. The class seems very engaged and excited, and the ideas spawning off were just awesome. I can’t wait to start learning web programming with these guys.

In terms of my new year resolution #1 and #2, they are both doing great as well. Went to the gym twice already, and I feel like a champ. Also prepared my resume to throw at some jobs overseas (if I get to do research in Taiwan, that would be pretty damn awesome). From what I can tell right now, I would be surprised if I end up staying in Vancouver this summer.

Finally, one piece of good news topped it all off today: an interview invitation to UBC med.

I was quite flattered by a fellow pre-med who stumped across my MCAT essays a few days ago and linked me on her blog with a caption: “ZeroRatio’s road to MD”, and I was also a bit embarassed because nothing on this blog had anything to do with med school in 4 months. But with the newest installment, I guess I could start worrying about interviews out loud.

Oh, aren’t I worried that I might not get past this interview and I have to come here and admit defeat? No, I would just blog about my defeat then, which would also make interesting reading material I’m sure.

So please stay tuned for much more mumbling about everything that comes to me in a great 2009!

(Oh, and this blog officially turned 1 year old yesterday. Check out the first blog entry on January 5, 2008)


15 thoughts on “Off to a great start

  1. good. i like this layout.
    i didnt actually read this entry cuz there were too many words, school has started, and i saw “Student Directed Seminar” “#1” “#2” and “MCAT”
    so i decided my brain would probably explode if i read it. please forgive me.

  2. You are forgiven. This layout is actually my old one before November’s photoblogging event. I’ve used it for many months throughout last summer. 😉

  3. i know! i was telling u i like it now, because i was indifferent to it back then..人總是要等到失去後才會珍惜啊..

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  5. 哈哈哈~nice & congratulations!


    hahahha and sorry for missing out on the 490 fun >< im finally back to vancouver! hehehe see u soon on campus 😀

  7. a-mah, lil N, & chu:
    Thanks AV8D!! You each get a free beer on me the next time we hang out! Exchangeable for any cocktail of your choice too. Or bubble tea or coffee!

    lil N: haha.. you’ve been missing out! Somebody already signed up to take care of the CSS workshop! I was like: ohhh Grace’s not gonna like it, but she’s stuck in Taiwan so she’s already got all the fun she needs. XD
    j/k j/k~~ see you on Monday!

  8. oh congrats on the interview!
    wow..i really should have actually read ur blog@@” sorry..

    跟free bubble tea offers一點關係都沒有喔..是誠心的想要恭喜你啦.

  9. lol thanks~~~ u’re already forgiven for not reading la! You don’t like to read English stuff anyway, so it’s not really entirely ur fault.

    but yea you don’t get a free bubble tea. Your chance will come next time XD

  10. 喔!這麼好康@@
    不過今天忘記兌換了XD (阿嬤知道大衛冰箱理藏著一大箱的獎品)
    i prefer cocktail though 甜甜的: )
    well…阿嬤今天感冒也不能喝酒說>”< 會 這獎品就先記在阿嬤帳上吧(寫….寫….)

  11. University of British Columbia med school? WOW!!! Don’t worry…I’m sure they will love your personality…and defeat is- in itself, a road to other success. 🙂

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