[Interview] Rules of the Game: Multiple Mini Interviews

The interview process at many medical schools is very different from what it used to be just a few years ago. Instead of a panel of interviewers asking your questions for a long time (around 50 minutes I think), the interviewees are put through a series of “multiple mini interviews.”

UBC has a very helpful description, even with picture demonstration. UBC describes its version of MMI:

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[Interview] Reader discretion is advised

Tomorrow is February 1st, the official start date of the one-month countdown to my med school interview. Following the popularity of my [MCAT] essay series (which attracted most of the traffic to my blog in the past two months) (which leads to my unfounded belief that a new cycle of pre-med prepping must have started), I will start an [Interview] series. 

This series will contain lots of reflections on what I did, what I learned, and what I think. It will include how I prepare, how I stay calm (or become insane), and how I stay alive (but don’t call the police if I stop updating this blog… I probably just got lazy). It will also contain some interview-specific information such as its format and scariness. 

For those of you who are here only for my casual random jokes, misleading views on relationships, nonsense fictions, or love-sick outcries mostly written in Chinese not because I’m discriminating but because that’s my language for love-sick outcries, use discretion for upcoming entries marked with [Interview]. 

For the rest of you, fasten your seatbelts for this blog is about to take on a new journey (yet again).


今年家裡二老過年過得特別起勁, 我跟老弟一回家就發現餐桌上寫了 ‘‘、 ‘‘、 ‘‘、 ‘‘ 等等應景吉祥話的紅紙。


我寫的是 ““:


我的字貼在大門進來的地方, 跟老爸的 ““, 跟 “” 放在一起:


然後大家如果一起跟我從右邊念到左邊, 就可以知道我們的 subliminal message是什麼了。我先澄清, 這些字是我老爸和老媽貼的。

老弟要我幫他寫 ““, 但是寫得很醜, 所以大家決定把它反過來貼, 變成 “爽到“。大家猜猜, “爽到” 最後被我們貼在哪裡?

寫完字, 老媽遞過來一張菜單,上面寫著晚上圍爐的菜色。她跟老爸還幫每一道菜都取上莫名其妙天機莫測文情洋溢的菜名。

我竭盡我所有的俗能, 幫他們排版如下:


然後我們把它印在喜氣洋洋的紅紙上, 變降:


小年夜11個人圍一桌, 約了大衛一家人, 和另外兩個老爸老媽的朋友, 大家都帶了很多菜, 尤其是大衛媽的手藝非凡, 吃到撐還是剩下一堆佳餚。

之後方城大戰, 甚是熱鬧。夾在一堆高手之間打牌超刺激的! 因為人多, 位子換來換去, 期間我還被老媽、大衛媽、跟另一個阿姨以「三母教子」之勢夾攻 (她們坐好以後真的用這個好像是瞎編的成語釘我!), 我還真的很臭屁得給她們胡下去,非常痛快!!!

大家摸了4圈甫歇, 眾人盡興而歸。

但是我們還不能休息, 早上7點起來跟在團聚在台灣雲林老家一起過節的叔叔姑姑阿嬤視訊連線拜年,大家搶鏡頭搶到大喊: “後退一點啦, 都只拍到你的鼻孔!!!” 超high的. 6年沒在台灣過年了, 不在雲林過的年好像就不是真的過年, 不過今年的年味真的有從台灣蔓延過來的感覺。


喔, 氣氛順利蔓延可能跟我們後來跨洲賭骰子有關:


上圖為老媽骰出來的清一色, 和16個時區之外, 輸給老媽1000台幣的叔叔不敢相信的眼神。

待會除夕要再圍爐一次, 跟老爸的兩位老友+其家人。不過等到我吃完飯回學校, 這春節的氣氛恐怕就要緊急剎車了, 大概也不會有時間再上來補貼除夕的報導吧。


P.S.: “爽到” 春聯謎底揭曉, 是貼在廁所門口!!!

P.P.S.: 老弟本來說要再寫一個 “拉” 字, 把它變成 “拉到爽”, 被我們完全ignore.

Gonna be filmed for SPAC tmr

SPAC stands for Science Peer Academic Coaches, an organization I’ve been involved with for three years, whose aim is to train students to help other students review, access, and improve study habits and mentality. SPAC is a member organization of the “Peer Programs”, which includes SCI Team, Wellness Center, IPP, Sustainability Ambassadars, E-Team, among others.

And tomorrow (actually today, since it’s 12:20am as I type) I will be representing SPAC on a video project organized by the Peer Program Center. Apparently my ESL-ness has been overlooked and I was known to be a decent talker. Cool!

Anyway, I don’t want to just wing it at filming because that will waste too much time. So here are some questions they will ask, and my plan to answer them.




All program questions


1)      “Who are you and what peer program are you from?”

a)      First name, Major, Year and Peer Program are you affiliated with

I can answer this one I think.

2)      So you are form the XXXX program.  What is the most insane study strategy you’ve heard?

True story: a friend of mine is so addicted to cue-cards, he posts them on the shower curtain so he can read them when he showers.

3)      “So… what makes UBC so freaking great?” in regards to student experience and peer programs

Seriously, anything you want to do, you can probably find someone at this huge school to do it with.

4)      “Why did YOU want to get involved with your peer program?”

First year was one of the best years of my life academically. I want to share this with everyone.

5)      “What is one skill you got from being part of the peer program you are a part of that you couldn’t get anywhere else”

Where else can you learn how to boost your GPA? 

6)      “What skills you got that you can utilize beyond ubc?

Using GMail as an extension of my brain. 

7)      “What is the most amazing moment, best memory, or the most rewarding experience that you have had during one of the peer program activities”

Earlier this week, I ran into a girl I couched two years ago. She gave me a big, happy smile. 

8)      “Who do you think would really be interested and/or benefit from being part of this peer program?

Carl Wieman 

9)      If you were Professor Toope for a day, what would you change or do?

I’ll give away all of my money because I will be a different person the next day anyway. 

10)  If there was something in the SUB you could add on, what would that be?

A large clean, well ventilated eating area. 

11)  What as the most people you ever spoke to in a crowd?

Maybe 300? 

12)  How many committees have you been on at one time?

Too many.

13)  What is the most creative thing you’ve ever done for a poster?

Hung it on the ceiling with strings and a tennis ball.

14)  UBC’s motto is Tuum Est, or “its yours/it’s up to you.”  Why do you feel UBC is yours? Why do YOU feel part of UBC?

I ate, breathed, played, worked, and lived at UBC for 4 years. 

15)  If you had to advertise your peer program all by yourself right now, how would you do it?

a)      Action/movement/saying/etc

This is a school, and you are a student. Let us help you to be the best one you can be.

She gets one chance

“How’s going with that girl back home?”

“Nah, it didn’t work out.”

“What? Are you kidding me? You? Didn’t work out?”

“You think I’m some kind of sex god, don’t you?”

“So, what are you gonna do about it?”

“Nothing, man. She gets one chance. Everyone gets one chance.”

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老媽 (努力要解釋interview給阿嬤聽): 「評ㄟ要去吼嘿考官看啦… 不是考試, 是要去跟他們用講的啦… 讓他們看人怎麼樣… 尚重要ㄟ一關喔!」

阿嬤: 「喔, 希嘿面試喔?」

老媽: 「|||面試你嘛ㄟ識喔!那安ㄋㄟ哩要去廟裡拜拜, 給神明拜託一下喔!好啦, 給你評聽啦。」


我: 「阿嬤!」

阿嬤:「安ㄋㄟ你媽供料金對, 我聽起來全身巄輕鬆起來。」

我:「喔, 全身都挫起來喔?」

阿嬤:「啊歡啦!喜輕鬆起來。咱那ㄟ神明很靈, 你老爸那時要作兵, 手裡捏著求來的香灰, 尬神明說哪不用當兵, 這兩年賺的錢跟祂分一半。結果就不用作兵啊! 歡喜尬馬上去捐錢買廟裡牆上那個…」

我:「喔, 安ㄋㄟ你愛卡緊去求。」

阿嬤: 「一定ㄟ啦!」

我:「安ㄋㄟ我哪係有考上, 就都係你ㄟ功勞!」

阿嬤: 「哈哈哈… 你歡啦!!! 啊我尬你講正經ㄟ!」

我: 「我知影啦! 係工, 咱那那麼遠, 神明要坐飛機來, 干無問題?」

阿嬤: 「無問題啦! 有拜有保庇!」




家有這樣一老, 哪還只算一寶?




老媽給阿嬤回雲林老家的廟裡拜拜這樣一個重大任務, 實在是很妙的高招, 讓她老人家有十足的參與感, 也讓她心情輕鬆很多。

而且這樣我去醫學院面試的時候, 一想起支持我的可愛家人, 大概也會減少很多緊張吧!

延伸越讀: 巨蟹的快樂