2009 Success Measurement Criteria #2: exercise

Ok, I know this is less exciting than #1 (which is why it is #2), but I feel strongly about this one. This December, I’ve exercised more regularly during the final exam period than I had this entire fall. Taking gym/swimming breaks during this time was one of the best things I did for my exam prep. I got something to look forward to when I study (“2 more hours of this and then I’ll be swimming!”), I got to get away from exams for an hour, I got to work off some sweat, I was far more relaxed and focused after exercise, and very importantly, I always get a great sleep that night.

If I could do this during the final exams, why can’t I do it during school?

So, my success criteria #2 will be: to work out 1 hour a day, at least twice a week.

Alright, now, you might think “sheesh, that’s not a lot of committment at all.” And I will offer no rebutation because I don’t have to prove anything to you.

Anyway, I thought I would put this out to see if I can get any exercise buddies. As cheap as I am, I will use the free gym at the Aquatic Center. 30 mins of gym + 15 mins swimming + 15 mins hot tub is all it takes to make me happy. You might think “geesh, you count 15 mins hot tub as part of your 1-hour work out?” And since I’m as lazy as that, I will offer no defense.

So, what’s the measurable criteria?


In English, this equation calculates a “fitness value” for each of my week in 2009. This value is dependent on how many days I get 1hr exercises. If I get two days of exercise in a week, as I planned to do, that week will be of value 1. If I am attracted to a girl and suddenly want to build up my abs and spent 4 days at the gym in a week, that week will get a value of 2.

Note that because of the subtraction in the case that I get less than 2 days of exercise (n<2), it’s much easier to lose fitness values than to gain them by exercising more the following week.

For example, if I skipped one day of exercise in a given week (n = 1, so f = 1-2 = -1), I would have to exercise 4 days in another week to make up for the lost ground (n = 4, f = 4/2 = 2).

So, in plainer English, I should get at least 2 days of exercise every week, otherwise 1 day of laziness will take 2 days of making-up-for.


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