Introducing: Picture Stories For Strangers and Friends!!

Through her own words, “EricaJen is a mysterious author who wishes to bring joy to all who are no longer kids, but still like their stories with pictures.”

And she delivers just that!

Introducing an all-new, one of a kind blog that defies any conventional wisdom, including “you shouldn’t make your username and url too long to fit into the text box”:

Picture Stories For Strangers and Friends!!

Featuring such simple, unique, and childishly drawn characters as

The out-of-shape Ariel C.croppercapture54,

The go-getter Dolly H.croppercapture55,

The confused Liliancroppercapture56,

And of course, the awesome eye-browed chickens croppercapture57.

So far, the mysterious EricaJen who mysteriously spells out both her first and last name has blessed this world with 3 of her original picture stories on the first night (after a long and bloody battle with WordPress which ended with calling me for backup and giving me the password to her account: “billystinks”). They are:

, an epic tale of chicken friendship, unlicensed practice of medicine, and complete unthankfulness of the human who lends a hand after the wound is healed.

, a touching and thought-provoking story of a girl who reaches the confusing and conflicting transitional stage that every girl has to face: the struggle between obedience to her mother and the suggestion of a racoon who speaks English.

And finally,

, a knowledge seeking quest like no other, which points out the importance of friendship, perseverance, physical fitness, and keeping physiologically impossible dwarfs in the president’s office.

The world needs more from the mysterious author by the pseudonym EricaJen, and the cleansing enlightenment spilling from her pen, pencil, color crayon, erasor to erase the pencil, and scanner that never cooperates. Keep an eye on

Picture Stories For Strangers and Friends!!

for more joyous time-wasting musings.

(P.S. anyone else wants me to write an ad for their blog? :P)


3 thoughts on “Introducing: Picture Stories For Strangers and Friends!!

    BILLY! U ARE ON MY TOP 5 MOST 夠義氣朋友list!! not that i had one before, but ive decided to start one now.

    some things i’d like to tell u
    -如果我變成部落格紅人, 我會請你吃飯
    -如果我後來只是皺紋很多, 我會很不開心

    hahahahahhaaha…i love ur summaries…

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