Interesting site: Viral Video Chart

I check my blog stats quite regularly, to see what’s going on with my posts, who’s linking to my blog, etc. Yesterday someone wandered to my blog from an interesting site called “Viral Video Chart“, so I paid a reciprical visit.


This website maps out how “viral” a popular internet video is by the number of blog posts that link to it. By the time Jizz In My Pants came to my attention, it was well past its viral peak.

I’m trying to think of how this website may be useful:

  1. It can measure the success of your supposedly “viral marketing” strategy
  2. It can point out other viral videos that viewers may be interested to see. (And I sure did, and saw: Hamster On A Piano

6 thoughts on “Interesting site: Viral Video Chart

  1. Mr. Hamster 都知道當做一件事要專心致志 倒栽蔥也沒法讓他分心

  2. 阿嬤>>
    哈哈… 是啊, 所以我在該唸final的時候專心致志的到處找有趣的東西跟網誌讀者分享.

    Wow! I thought this hamster was pretty damn cute.

  3. it really is just me personally.
    i am biased against all animals pretty much.
    cute dogs are acceptable. but i pretty much hate all other animals. i need to muster all the self-control i can gather when i pass by the SUB to prevent myself from whacking pidgeons with my umbrella. but i am not a horrible person though. i love kids. and im a nurse.

    it will become a favourite of mine for sure.

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