Real snow!

December 12, 2008. Morning of math final. I opened my curtain to be greeted with this:


Yeah!!! Snow!!!


Now let’s see if it will stick to the trees!!!


Wait… I have a math final tonight at 7pm. What if they cancelled it and had to reschedule it to December 18? I plan to be on Whistler!

NOOOO!!! Stop this madness!!!

Ok just playing with ya. I think UBC has a policy that finals may not be cancelled due to weather. Roommate Thomas actually got an email that reminds students to “prepare to get to school in snow and freezing temperatures”. I thought it was interesting how I didn’t get the email though. Am I less worthy of writing the final, or is Thomas more prone to falling on the side walk?



6 thoughts on “Real snow!

  1. Yay, snow! By the time the flakes get down to 7th floor Marine, it’s turned into cold rain :(. Plus its snowing a lot harder on your blog than it is outside right now, so you won’t have to worry about canceled exams – which by the way, best of luck on!

  2. It’s cuz they only send the emails to good looking students.
    (I emailed the admin and asked them for you.)

    the snow didnt stick in richmond!!! actually i didn’t even see friend texted me during my sleep..and by the time i woke up to look out the window it was just rainy and gross. and then i had a nosebleed. and then i got too pissed off about my ruined day so did not leave the house to do my christmas shopping.
    perhaps i shall give my family members trinkets around my room. Paul might appreciate a napkin or two…

    ..yes…i felt the need to blog on ur blog about my day…

  3. oh ya..i read joshjcarrier’s comment and remembered that i should wish u a good luck on ur final…(actually the first thing i remembered was that i forgot to comment about the snow on ur blog again, and how much i love it compared to the wutever-the-heck outside)

  4. Thanks Josh and SenLu4 🙂

    I don’t think it’s the distance from 17th floor to 7th floor that turned the snow into rain, I think it’s your sleeping in, Josh.

    Damn, so I guess good looking students are more air-headed and tend to trip and fall. Sounds like you are another case of tardiness missing a good snow. Feel free to blog on my blog any day though, I don’t mind knowing people who call me ugly got a nosebleed. J/k. It must be the Christmas jingles I’ve been listening to all day that made me said that.

  5. Yah~~
    When I opened the door this morning…

    wow~~~~!!!! It’s snowing!

    When I was walking to IKB from bus loop, I looked up to Gage 17F, thinking it must be very pretty up there.
    I was early enough to find a table at the open area right in front of the big glass window. It was such an enjoyment to study with snow flakes falling in front of you (without the freezing temperature). : )

    how did math go?

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