And now my blog snows. (with finals update)

I thought my eyes have given up on me when I first saw the white flakes appear in WordPress’ Tag area. I spent 3 panicing seconds  to find out that it’s Snow in WordPress that just happened to show up poorly on the white background.

I wonder if this slows down your broswers, but do I care if it does? Nop. It’s Christmas time! You can sacrifice some browsing speed for the Christmas spirit! Am I Christian? Nop. But it’s Christmas time! I can sacrifice some rational humanism for the happy Christmas spirit too.

This reminded me how young this blog is: this is going to be the first Christmas for ZeroRatio! Woohoo!

(I’m just pretty hyped up in general because I haven’t been this ready for a final exam for a long time. I love math.)

Speaking of being hyped up right before the final exam, yesterday we – David Jason Hilda and I – decided to go to all-you-can-eat sushi at 9pm. We went to Fish on Rice: awesome ambiance, quality food, and a Jason who tries to kill you by making you laugh your ass off when your stomach is unphysiologically stretched make a good night out.

(p.s. Hilda you have some videos that I can upload?)


5 thoughts on “And now my blog snows. (with finals update)

  1. haha~~
    I DO I DO !!!!
    I’ll give it to you once I upload them to my laptop.
    XD man~~我現在想到那畫面還是可以大笑! Sorry jason : P

  2. I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!

    best thing that’s happened on ur blog all month!!!!

    ps. Bonzai is a really good place for cheap but good but humongous pieces of’s across from RPM (<-該不會不知道是什麼吧?..酷小孩都知道喔..)

  3. 阿嬤>>
    讚! Alternatively, 星期一如果你要來學校讀書把相機一起帶來也可以~省得在網路上慢慢傳 :D

    LOL you are easily amused but that’s fine. That makes my job of amusing my readers easier!
    Are you sure it’s not Banzai sushi? 😉 I love those Vietnamese cooks whose definition of sushi the Japanese should learn.

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