Kevin’s wittiness


Kevin is an awesome prof. Highly recommended for CPSC 322: Artificial Intelligence. He is witty, smart, and he uses his picture as the icon for the course website.

Here are a few quotes from Kevin that are particularly memorable. I invite everyone to contribute.

Before the midterm:

“Non-programmable calculators are completely useless, so they are allowed. Programmable calculators are useful but in a wrong way, so they are not allowed.”

At the midterm:

“Wow I’ve never seen so many students in this class. Hello, my name is Kevin and this is CS322. We meet here on every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday at 4pm — just in case you are interested in joining us after you get your midterm back.”

A while after the midterm:

“Hey, are there more students today? The words must be getting out that I brought chocolate to class last time. Either that or people are starting to panic because the assignment is due in two days.”

A guy brought a baby to class:

“I think I’m going too slowly if I start seeing toddlers in class.”


6 thoughts on “Kevin’s wittiness

  1. hahaha i know he’s so funny!!
    i still remember him picking up dk before..
    darn he’s hilarious haha

    and he’s so 自戀 too.. =w=
    see his pix everywhere LOL

  2. hahaha… I wish my profs are that funny =\ he’s kind of good looking too!

    anyways, should we hang out during the xmas break since we haven’t gotten together for a LONGG time!

  3. ohh, you may wonder… “4:20am” what da heck is kaman doing at this time…

    “paper + paper + final + final + final + paper + paper + …. and etc”

    not funny @__@

  4. 小N>>
    lol *DK eats takes a huge bite on his peach*
    Kevin: “Pfahahahaha… sorry but somebody just put something in his mouth and it looked very funny. Throws me off. There he did it again.”

    LOL one more reason to get into comp sci?
    Yes we should hang out! RC is planning to build some igloos on Dec 21st, you should join us 🙂
    Re: 4:20am: time management! Stay healthy!

  5. =( I think I have to work on the 21st!
    igloos ??? where’s the ice/snow ??!!

    I do hope I have good time management… I wouldn’t have to stay up all night only if my profs would kindly hand out the assignments more than a week before the due date… However, I am glad that I am not the only one XD

  6. lol~~
    yeah i’ve only been to that class twice and i like this prof already XD

    the toddler one was awesome~~lol

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