How to reject a study group invitation

Sometimes, if someone likes us but they really don’t have many good moves to make, they could take the academic line of attack:

“Hey, do you want to study together?”

What should we say if we don’t like them?

I think I just found my response:



“Sorry, but I study naked.”

p.s. If any of you dare use this response on me… uh-hem…

“It’s ok, I’m studying vertebrate biology/human physiology/pathological psychology”


11 thoughts on “How to reject a study group invitation

  1. @@
    i just said “study together sometimes” in my email….(i promise i didn’t look at your blog when i wrote that XD)

    well….i guess food chemistry is not that much related to “vertebrate biology/human physiology/pathological psychology” lol

    想拒絕阿嘛就說嘛…..(帶淚奔走) lol

  2. >> kaisalin
    I don’t know… I don’t think I have the guts to try this response anyway.

    >> 阿嬤
    沒有啦! 只是我洗完澡的莫名其妙靈感罷了 😛
    我會連續兩個禮拜住在IKB, 沒事就一起來唸書吧~~ 大衛比較難抓, 不過如果有阿嬤約的話他比較有可能起來吧

  3. are you going to be at IKB for the next week ???! Maybe I can join you (unless you study naked @__@”)

  4. I’ve been at IKB 4 days out of five this week, and I’ll most likely continue this 9-5 schedule until Dec 16 🙂
    Just give me a call if you do come. No I don’t study naked in public.

  5. LOL!
    That is a pretty awesome response 😀
    Though, might be a tad hard responding with a straight face. ;p

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