I wear Individualism on my head: the Rain Hat

It’s been a while since I finished this hat. In fact, I had to go back to the digital date on my picture to figure out when I made it: October 8th.

Originally, the hat has a milky white top and a denim brim. So I figured if I could put some blue and black color on it, it would go nicely with my jeans and stuff.


And I haven’t finger painted for an uncountable number of years.


I made a print on the other side. Now I’m just rubbing the extra paint on my hand off on the other side of the hat. Design in mind? No, I just didn’t want to waste the paint.

So now it looked like this.


For a moment there I thought I screwed up. What the hell is this? Someone photocopied his… face?

But like everything else I do, I know I just gotta keep going. I just might turn this back…


Why put rain drops? Somewhere between the above picture and the one below, I decided a rain hat felt right. You know, in preparation for Vancouver’s winter. Perfect for the rain, and you’ll be a crazy rebel in the sun. Sweet!




That’s the whole show!

This hat had raised mixed reactions. A girl in class asked me: “Did you make that hat?”

I was feeling pretty proud of myself before she said: “Yeah, it looks homemade.”

I guess you can’t buy individualism from a store.


5 thoughts on “I wear Individualism on my head: the Rain Hat

  1. 這頂是我那天拍的那頂嗎?
    如果是的話…..那就表示…..你常常戴 (which is good i guess XD)

    YeY~~阿嘛來跟你high five一下!!!
    雖然中途逼不得已有slacked off a few days ><“

  2. >> ReRe: Thanks! 😀

    ㄟ~ 很不夠意思喔. 拍完還不知道是不是同一頂帽子 XD
    我很常帶這頂帽子啊. 比起我另外那頂吊死人的帽子, 這頂好像好戴得多.
    一個月天天寫blog的舉動其實我做過不少次, 高中的時候有個月還一天2000字. 不過一天一張主題相片真的很挑戰耶! XD
    中間卡彈好幾次, 不知道降算不算挑戰成功…

  3. 以前比較白阿XD


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