Internet Application Development Seminar: Registration Opens!


Wow, I’m really excited. The Student Directed Seminar that I have written about finally seems to take off!

The registration for this seminar on Internet Application Development has opened on the SSC for people to register. There are 22 spots left out of 30 as we speak. The website for this seminar is also updated and launched.

I’d like to thank Josh for giving me constant support and suggestions (time and dimension notwithstanding). I’d also like to thank all of the professors at CS and Student Development who supported me throughout the 6-month-and-going course development process.

The details on this couse can be found on the course website. This blog entry just serves as an update for those who may be interested.

Hooray! Now let’s fill those seats up!


5 thoughts on “Internet Application Development Seminar: Registration Opens!

  1. good job Biily : )
    your effort is paid back

    “yeah…i have initiated a course in UBC”(還要假裝沒什麼了不起lol)
    how awesome will this sound when you are interviewed by your boss in the future

    anyways…wish you best success on that
    not only 30 spots are filled
    there will be a “waiting list”…..waiting lol

  2. Yay! I got 20 ppl registered just now 😀
    I’ve reached my personal advertising goal!

    a ma: Thanks! lol~~ the maximum # of student we can have is 15. So technically, there is automatically an invisible waiting list when more than 15 students registered.
    Starting this thing is difficult, but the real challenge will to pull this off next term. Let’s see how I do with that before we go celebrate too heartily 😛

    little N: you GO girl!

    Eric: If you register and come take this seminar, you can stay in my room in Richmond for free. Meals, board, and parental supervision included.

  3. hahaha thanks! really wish i could be there =p
    instead i’m having my butt whooped by uncle ezra (cornell) here in shithaca for another year =(

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