ILoveBlogs5 插播

各位看官, 咱們從精簡的Monotone版面暫時跳脫. 您問為什麼?


1. 咱們一起來倒數, 看誰會是第30,000個在敝站瞎逛的人.

2. 週末回家, 挖到寶藏, 一次就把欠著的3張照片補齊了. 用這個版面方便大家過目.



14 thoughts on “ILoveBlogs5 插播

  1. i like it better when there’s stuff on the side to direct u incase u missed a day’s blog..or ppl’s comments..

  2. itz easier to navigate around when everything is on the same page
    ie. the side navigation modules

  3. this layout is a little weird too…the one before monotone was not bad…but i like the pretty picture too…so hard to choose ahhhhhhhhhh

    btw, i’m clicking rf like crazy right now…lol

  4. Oh hey! This commenting area looks spectacularly ugly!

    SenLu4, 小N, kaisalin: 原來大家忍耐那麼久了啊!

    Eric: I didn’t even say what the present for #30,000 is! LOL!

  5. Monotone is cool…(我必須說)
    但剛開始的時候我都會激動的想要找一些可以按的地方…..但是都沒有XD 不刺激 (maybe that’s why it is called monotone lol)

    看你/觀眾要什麼囉 !!
    or maybe you can develop one that has both : )

  6. 我也覺得Monotone是photoblogging最好的選擇. 圖片是主角, 文字做配角. 至於其它, 都是干擾.

    不過我完全不會自己寫template, 連用CSS把字體改大都要摸很久, 所以只能將就著用囉!
    等人數破30,000我再換回monotone好了 (till the end of this month).

    為什麼那麼在意3萬人次? 因為我知前有兩個blog, 都在3萬人次左右停工. zeroratio突破這個里程碑當然要慶祝囉~! 😀

  7. 三萬人阿@@

    29803 is the number of hits right now….getting close : )
    you should give a grand prize for that lucky person

    (哈哈~ 說不定你暗夜裡自己坐在書桌前狂點: P)–>恐怖的畫面

  8. 我不會自己灌水的啦! 哪那麼無聊 = =;
    版主如果有登入, 是不會算在visitor hits裡面的. 我在laptop上是自動登入, 有時候用別的電腦不小心沒有登入就上自己網誌還會覺得心虛咧.

    LOL, fine. 第3萬人如果拍screen shot下來可以領獎. 不過獎品是啥是秘密.

    大家不吝賞光是我亂寫東西最大的鼓勵囉~~~ 😀

  9. – -” i missed it by 4 hits

    i wonder what would the secret prize be XD
    i remember when i was in Taiwan this summer, the government gave a good amount of money ($NT 300000左右吧) to the N th tourist to taiwan lol

  10. SenLu4: Using the screen shot entails pressing the “PrtSc” key on the keyboard and then pasting the image in Paint, and finally saving it.

    阿嬤: lol I think the secret prize will forever be a secret, because no one has claimed that s/he got the 30,000th hit.

    In this case, maybe we’ll do this again at 50,000 people~~~ 😀

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